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What is the build quality of a fridge?

The build quality of a fridge says something about its lifespan. The higher the build quality, the longer you'll enjoy your fridge. We distinguish between 3 classes: top-notch, mid-range, and basic. A fridge is top-notch if it has 70% of the most important specifications for build quality.

This is how we determine build quality

When determining the build quality of a fridge, we keep the following specifications in mind:

  • Inverter motor: has less friction point, so it wear less than a conventional compressor.
  • Anti-vacuum door handle: the rubber in the door wears less fast, because you open the door without pressure.
  • Anti-ice buildup: the compressor won't work hard unnecessarily due to ice buildup.*
  • Storage time in case of power failure: a long storage time indicates that a fridge is well-isolated.*
  • Material of the door and casing: stainless steel ages better than plastic, because it scratches less easily.
  • Covered condensor: without a layer of dust covering the condensor, the fridge can easily get rid of its heat.
  • Max. ambient temperature: the cooling capacity reduces faster in a low ambient temperature.
  • Min. ambient temperature: the cooling capacity reduces faster in a high ambient temperature.
  • LED light: lasts longer than a normal light.
  • Shelves and door compartments made of safety glass: break less easily than shelves or door compartments made of plastic and glass.
  • Impressible door seal: the door seals are easily replacable if the door doesn't close anymore due to wear.

The specifications marked with a star are only taken into account for fridges with a freezer compartment. *The following specifications aren't taken into account for built-in fridges: anti-vacuum door handle, material of the door and casing, and covered condensor.

High-end build quality

Top-notch fridge

A top-notch fridge has over 70% of the important specifications for build quality. That way, you can enjoy your purchase for years. A top-notch fridge is made of high-quality materials, and uses the latest techniques. They always have an inverter compressor. This compressor hardly wears, ensures a stable temperature, and is more silent and energy-efficient than a conventional compressor. Other than that, every top-notch fridge has NoFrost, so the compressor cools with minimal effort and you'll hardly ever have to defrost your fridge.

Mid-range build quality

No Frost technique

Mid-range fridges have at least 50% of the relevant specifications for build quality. A mid-range fridge with freezer compartment always has some kind of anti-ice buildup, like Low Frost or No Frost. The reduction or absence of ice buildup helps the compressor, because it won't have to work as hard. This improves the lifespan of the fridge. Some mid-range fridges have an inverter compressor, which will last longer and is more energy-efficient. Basic fridges don't have this feature.

Basic build quality

Basic fridge

A fridge has basic build quality if it has less than 50% of the important specifications. A basic fridge is generally cheaper when you purchase it, but it doesn't last as long as a top-notch or mid-range fridge. The reason behind that is that the materials and techniques used are less durable. Are you looking for a basic fridge? Keep in mind that you'll have to defrost the freezer compartment 5 to 6 times a year. That helps the compressor, so you can avoid it working too hard.

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