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A personalized Coolblue portal
You determine the assortment and budget yourself
All products are delivered for free the next day

Coolblue Home Office Store

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A personalized Coolblue portal
You determine the assortment and budget yourself
All products are delivered for free the next day

What is a Home Office Store?

A Home Office Store is the solution to easily provide a (hybrid) workplace for your employees. Employees order their products in your closed home office portal. We arrange the delivery and deliver the quality you expect from Coolblue.

What are the advantages?

  • Portal in your house style.
  • You determine the assortment and budget yourself.
  • Ordered today, delivered tomorrow for free.
  • Wide selection of office furniture, monitors, and more.
  • We'll make the transition to hybrid working easy.

Discover the Home Office Store

Curious to see how a Home Office Store works? Click the white bubbles for more information.

Our customers

HDI Specialty

"Our Home Office Store looks professional. The employees saw the link with our company."

Gemeente Dongen

"We choose Coolblue because of the large assortment, fast delivery, and easily accessible customer service."

Which budget do you choose?

For € 600, employees can buy a desk and desk chair from Ahrend or Euroseats, for example.

For € 850, employees can buy an ergonomic workplace with a desk, desk chair, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

For € 1200, employees can buy a complete workplace with desk, desk chair, high-end monitor, and accessories such as a headset and laptop stand.

Frequently asked questions

How long is a Home Office Store open?

You can decide that. Do you offer a one-time budget? We recommend a term of 3 months. This gives employees ample time to buy products. Are you looking for a structural solution, also for new employees? Open a Home Office Store for 1 or more years.

Is there a minimum number of employees that gets access to the Home Office Store?

No, there's not a minimum number of employees. Based on your situation and the number of employees, we'll find a suitable solution. We're happy to tell you more about this.

Are there costs associated with the Home Office Store?

Yes. You pay for the products that your employees buy and fixed monthly costs. The monthly costs are based on the number of employees, the duration, and the allocated budget per employee. This starts at just € 150 per month.

What are the most popular products for a Home Office Store?

The most popular products are desks, desk chairs, monitors, peripherals, and audio.

I have a Home Office Store via my employer. Where can I ask questions?

Go to the frequently asked questions about ordering in a Home Office Store. Can't find what you need? Please contact our Customer Service.
Questions For a friend.
Questions For a friend.

Your own Home Office Store in 5 steps

Advice Professional help.
Opening Get the party started.
Maintenance A reputation to uphold.

We arrange it together


You pay for the products that the employees buy and a fixed monthly amount. The monthly amount is based on duration, budget, and number of employees. This starts at just € 150 per month.

Invoice and purchase overview

Each month, you'll receive one invoice and a purchase overview. The invoice contains the fixed monthly costs and the credit that your employees have used. The purchase overview shows exactly who has bought what.

New employees

You provide the personnel changes on a monthly basis and we process them. We'll add new employees, so that they're ready for the start. We remove departing employees.

Whitepaper about hybrid working

Hybrid working, or as we at Coolblue call it: 'the best of 2 desks'. Experts expect it's here to stay. Time to research how you as an employer can best furnish this. In this whitepaper, we look at how other companies tackle this new way of working. And at what scientists write about this.

Interested? Request an advice appointment

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