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Want to participate in our affiliate program? Nice! We're happy to tell you what the benefits are and how it works.

How does it work?

With our affiliate program, we reward publishers and influencers that promote Coolblue products on their website or social media channels. The affiliate program works as follows:

You promote Coolblue
You promote Coolblue You promote Coolblue's products or services.
ORDER. Check it out.
Receive a commission
Receive a commission You'll receive the commission through Partnerize.

More information & Campaigns

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Frequently asked questions

Partnerize is a system we use to register your clicks, sales, and commission. You can also do this yourself by registering. Via this system, you can very easily download our promotional material and keep track of your results.

If you want to promote Coolblue with extra websites or social media accounts, you need to add them to your Partnerize account. You can do so via Settings > Company settings > Website and data management. On the left, you can see the websites you're promoting. You can add new websites or social media accounts there and remove inactive websites and accounts. Don't forget to save your changes using the button at the bottom of the page.

Our banners are tailor made. Select 'Request banners' below and let us know what product types you need banners for, and in what sizes. We'll then ensure that your receive the tags within a few days. To bridge the time or test the sizes, we offer image banners. You can find them under the 'promotional materials' header in your Partnerize account. Click the number in the column behind 'banners'. The banners will then appear below the overview.

Yes, it is. Because we need to combine many data points, it takes a little bit more time. Sales appear around 2 days later at 12:00 in your account. Clicks, on the other hand, are visible in your account in real time.

In our attribution model, we use the Shapley model. This means that we compare various customer journeys. We look at the value of a certain channel, compared to similar customer journeys without that specific channel. Using the Game theory, we then attribute a share to each channel and each touchpoint.

Yes, you can. In the reports of the Partnerize platform, you can find all information of a transaction, including the share of the customer journey that was attributed to you. To view this data, you select the transaction in the report dashboard. At the bottom of your screen, all information about the order appears. You can open the 'Column' dropdown menu and select the 'Share' and 'Orig Value' options. Share indicates your contribution to the customer journey as a number between 0 and 1. Orig value represents the order value of the entire order.
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