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The Coolblue Gift Store

Thank your employees in an original way.
You get a personalized Coolblue portal.
All products are delivered for free the next day.

The Coolblue Gift Store

All wrapped up.
Thank your employees in an original way.
You get a personalized Coolblue portal.
All products are delivered for free the next day.
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The Coolblue Gift Store

Do you want to thank your employees in an original way? Let them choose something from the Coolblue assortment you've selected. Your employees don't have to advance anything and you determine the budget. We provide the service you've come to expect from us. Ordered today, happy employee tomorrow.

What is a Gift Store?


With the Coolblue Gift Store, you as an employer can let your employees choose their own gift in an original way. As a Christmas gift or token of appreciation, but also as a thank you during peak periods or for birthdays. Are you proud of the commitment your employees have shown or do you want to thank them for their flexibility? Determine the amount and your employees can choose their gift. A Gift Store can be built within 2 weeks.

What are the advantages?

  • You know for sure you're giving your employees an original gift.
  • Coolblue provides a protected and personalized portal in your house style.
  • You can choose from our large assortment.
  • Your employees can order their chosen products without having to advance anything
  • You don't have to worry about declarations, delivery, warranties, or defect products.
  • All products are delivered to your employees for free the next day.
  • You'll think it's a shame that you can't show your Gift Store to the rest of the world.

Frequently asked questions

Are there costs associated with the Gift Store?

We charge one-time startup costs based on the number of employees, the duration, and the amount of CoolblueCredit made available. We're happy to tell you more about this.

Can employees also order products that aren't in my Gift Store?

Employees can only use their Business Credit for products that are included in the assortment you've selected. This way, you can thank your employees as specifically as possible.

Can I select the assortment in the Gift Store myself?

You can partly select your assortment. We'll provide a proposal of a standard assortment. You're welcome to add the products you want to this. Our experts can advise you.

How can I use the Gift Store?

That's all up to you. You can thank your employees for their commitment, birthday, or peak periods.
Questions For a friend.
Questions For a friend.

More information about the Gift Store? Request a demo without obligations

We're happy to tell you all about the possibilities our Gift Store offers. You can request a demo without obligations. Our experts will contact you via phone within 1 working day.

Need help choosing your gifts?

Gifts, fun to give and receive. We're happy to help you choose the right gift for your employees. Read more about original gifts or the best gifts for your employees who work from home here. Contact us for the possibilities for your Gift Store.

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