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How do I choose the right HDMI cable?

HDMI is one of the most common connections on an electronic device. Big chance that you will need an HDMI cable sooner or later. Which type of cable you can choose the best, you can read it here.

How long does the HDMI cable have to be?

How long do you have to be cable?

** Do you want to connect devices over a shorter distance (less than 7.5 meters) via an HDMI cable? **

Then you do not need to look for a special type of HDMI cable. No signal loss will occur and all functions (such as ARC, 4K and 3D) are transmitted without problems.

** Do you want to connect devices over a longer distance (more than 7.5 meters) via an HDMI cable? **

There can be a loss of quality of the signal. As a result, you can, for example, suffer from a blinking image. The solution is then a signal amplifier (also called repeater) or an active cable. Signal amplifiers and active cables require a separate power source. For connections over longer distances, also use an HDMI cable of at least 'Standard' build quality. This is an option in our Choice Help. Note: At distances above 30 meters, loss of quality may occur with HDMI cables that are active or use a signal amplifier.

Is there enough space to connect the HDMI cable properly?

HDMI cable enough space?

If your TV, Blu-ray player, soundbar or game console is close to the wall, it can sometimes be difficult to connect the HDMI cable properly. The solution is then an HDMI cable with a flexible swivel connector. An expensive term for a cable where the connection turns at an angle, so you can easily connect your device in tight spots.

Do you want to have an internet connection via HDMI?

Internet connection via HDMI

Besides image and sound, you can also run an internet signal via the HDMI cable. This cable must then offer Ethernet support. This can be useful, for example, if you have a smart TV, a home theater system with internet support or a laptop without an Ethernet port. The maximum ethernet speed via HDMI is 100Mbit / s.

Make your choice

Time to make a choice. Via the button below you can find all our HDMI cables. Use the Choice Help to find the perfect HDMI cable for you.

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