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Garmin heart rate monitors

Garmin heart rate monitors

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With a Garmin heart rate monitor. you get insight into your heart rate and adjust your training accordingly. There is a suitable Garmin heart rate monitor for every athlete. The Garmin HRM-Dual is a basic heart rate monitor that you can connect to your smartphone, smartwatch or computer with ANT+ or Bluetooth. The HRM-Run not only measures your heart rate but also all kinds of running dynamics data such as your cadence, vertical oscillation, and stride length. With the HRM-Swim, you keep track of all your swimming sessions, such as your intervals. With the HRM-Tri, you can keep an eye on your heart rate during a triathlon and with the HRM-Pro, you're prepared for any sport. This is Garmin's most advanced heart rate monitor. All Garmin heart rate monitors have a chest strap.

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