Siemens combi microwaves

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With the Siemens combi microwave with oven function, you can create the most delicious lasagna and oven dishes. Siemens is know for its sturdy and durable products that'll last you for years. In addition to an oven, a Siemens combi microwave also features many automatic programs. Convenient when you aren't sure which settings are correct: simply select the type of dish and the Siemens combi microwave will set the right preparation time and wattage.

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  • Microwave/oven functions: Grill, Oven
  • Capacity: 44 l
  • Microwave power: 900 W
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  • Microwave/oven functions: Grill, Oven, Steam
  • Capacity: 36 l
  • Microwave power: 1000 W
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