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What is the difference between a combi oven and a comi microwave?

A combi oven or combi microwave is a combination of an oven and microwave. So you only need one device in your kitchen for baking, grilling, and heating. But what's the main difference? Essentially, they can do the same, but the combi oven focuses on the oven functions, while the combi microwave focuses on the microwave functions. Below, you can read more about the differences and which one suits you best.

In short

Combination oven Combi microwave
You love to bake and do this often. Yes No
You have a small kitchen and not a lot of space. No Yes
You like to cook extensive meals Yes No
You have a limited budget No Yes
Built-in Yes Yes
Freestanding No Yes

Built-in or freestanding?

Built-in oven

First of all, it's important to know where you're going to place the combi oven or combi microwave. If you want to build in the appliance, you can choose both. If you want to put the appliance on the counter, your only option is a combi microwave. Combi ovens are always built-in models. As a result, it's not possible to place it on the counter.

What is the right combination for the food lover?

dish in combi oven

Combination oven

Are you a real food lover? Then choose a combi oven. In addition to a hot air function, this combination also has 2 heating elements: one in the top and one in the bottom of the oven. These elements prevent your baking burnt or half-cooked out of the oven. They heat your cake, casseroles and biscuits on both the top and bottom so they are equally cooked and crispy.

dish in combi microwave

Combi microwave

If your baking skills are limited to the croissants on Sunday morning and the frozen pizza on Friday evening, a combi microwave is a good choice. The combi microwave isn't suitable if you want to bake complicated things. It only has a fan function and a heating element on the top. Cakes and casseroles won't be cooked through or crispy. Some microwaves have a crisp function, so your dishes will get equally crispy on both sides.

Which combination fits best in my small kitchen?

Combi oven in a kitchen

Combination oven

Most combi ovens are a lot bigger than combi microwaves. The standard installation height for ovens is 45 or 60 centimeters, so you do need enough space to place this appliance. We currently only offer built-in combi ovens. A freestanding combi oven is not available.

Combi microwave with food

Combi microwave

Do you have little space in your kitchen? Choose a combi microwave. This appliance has a maximum installation height of 45 centimeters, but it's also available with an installation height of 38 centimeters, so you can always place it somewhere. Freestanding models have different sizes.

With which combination do I prepare the most extensive meals?

Open oven

Combination oven

If you like making extensive meals for your family and friends or find it easy to cook for the whole week, then a combi oven is for you. These appliances are often equipped with multiple rack levels, so you can prepare the starter and the main course at the same time. Most combi ovens have 3, but there are also those with 5 rack levels. A combi oven is a lot bigger than a combi microwave. A combi microwave has a maximum capacity of 45 liters, but combi ovens can have a capacity of 50 or even 70 liters.

Open microwave

Combi microwave

Preparing extensive meals is a bit more difficult with a combi microwave. Most appliances are equipped with a turntable, to properly cook your dish. A downside of this is that large or square oven trays don't fit well and hit the walls. This not only damages your appliance and oven tray, but also makes the dish less cooked. In addition, combi microwaves are often smaller and don't contain more than 2 rack levels, so you can't prepare many dishes simultaneously.

Which combination fits best with my budget?

Display combi oven

Combination oven

Do you have a limited budget? In that case, consider whether a combi oven is really for you. This device is a lot more expensive than a combi microwave. You pay a few hundred euros for a good entry-level model, and if you want to buy a deluxe version, the price can even exceed a thousand euros. Meanwhile, you can get an extensive combi microwave for the price of an entry-level combi oven.

Freestanding combi microwave

Combi microwave

If you have a limited budget, be sure to opt for the combi microwave. For less than 100 euros, you have an entry-level model that does everything a combi microwave should do. Even if you want to buy a combination microwave from the higher segment, it's still a lot cheaper than a combi oven. For a few hundred euros you have a top-notch combi microwave, while that money only gets you an entry-level combi oven.

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