Gardena Accuset Stokzaag + Heggenschaar

Pros and cons

According to our hedge trimmer expert
  • Pros:
    The engine unit may be used in combination with a hedge trimmer or pruning saw attachment.
  • Pros:
    The hedge trimmer is equipped with a telescopic tube, so you can easily reach large heights from the ground.
  • Pros:
    The pivotable handle ensures you can easily trim from virtually any angle.
  • Con:
    Working above your head becomes tiring after a while.
Product Expert heggenscharen

With the Gardena Battery Set Pole Saw + Hedge Trimmer, you're getting 2 solutions in 1! This 18-volt telescopic tool is both a 42-centimeter hedge trimmer with a 16-millimeter tine distance and a pruning saw with a 20-centimeter saw blade. Thanks to the total length of 2.5 meters, this useful tool gives you a range of about 4 meters. In other words, it's ideal for the higher hedges, small trees, or the lower-hanging branches in large trees. You can trim for about 75 minutes on 1 battery charge, or saw about 140 times before having to recharge it.

Included by default

  • 18 volt 2,0 Ah Li-Ion accu
  • Oplader
  • Draadriem
  • Handleiding

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