Wacom Bamboo Tip

The Wacom Bamboo Tip allows you to accurately work on the screen of your phone or tablet. Thanks to the narrow tip, you can see exactly where the stylus touches the screen. This lets you draw more accurate lines than if you were using your fingers, and lets you navigate effortlessly through your favorite iOS and Android apps. A fully-charged Bamboo Tip lasts for up to 20 hours. Should it drain completely, simply recharge it using the included micro USB cable. To use the pen, simply switch it on using the on/off button, and you're ready to navigate through your favorite apps, for instance. Attach your pen to your drawing tablet with the clip, so you won't lose the stylus when you're not using it.

Included by default

  • Micro USB cable
  • Manual

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Product number
Manufacturer code
2 years
Warranty type
Carry-in warranty

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