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AEG stoves

AEG stoves

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With an AEG stove, you're assured of a product that lasts for years. Do you like to cook on gas and do you have a gas connection in your kitchen? If so, an AEG gas stove is suitable for you. If you prefer to cook electrically, you are looking for an AEG induction stove. You do need a Perilex power outlet with the right number of phases. Most AEG phases in our assortment are 60-centimeter wide. Put the freestanding stove in your kitchen or place it between your kitchen units.

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Do you want to cook on gas or electricity?

Do you want to cook on gas or electricity?


On gas

To cook on gas, you need a gas connection in your kitchen.

3 results
Our choice for an induction stove with a width of 60cm | Induction | Color silver | Perilex (5-pole) plug
32% savings Retail price 949,- 649,-
Delivered tomorrow
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Gas | Color silver | Schuko/Gardy with grounding (2-pole) plug
Delivered tomorrow
Gas | Color white | Schuko/Gardy with grounding (2-pole) plug
Delivered tomorrow

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