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What type of action camera mount do I need?

To use an action camera, you have to attach it to something. You can do this with a mount. Different mounts are available for different usage situations. In this article, we discuss the most popular mounts, so you can choose the best one for you.

Pipe clamps

Pipe clamps

Use a pipe clamp to attach the action camera to the frame of your bike or motor. A pipe clamp can also be fastened to other pipes, such as your ski pole. This creates a different perspective.

  • For cyclists, the pipe clamp is an indispensable accessory.
  • A pipe clamp is sensitive to vibrations; this can be seen on the footage.

Chest mount

Chest mount

With a chest mount, you wear the action camera at chest height and film from your perspective. Because of the wide viewing angle, you can't avoid part of your arms being on camera. You use a chest mount in the most diverse situations, for example when skiing.

  • Make film footage from your perspective.
  • You can't turn the camera in a different direction.

Head straps

Head strap

With a head strap, you record images from your perspective, only higher. You use a head strap during exercise or other activities. Even when you wear a helmet, you attach this mount to your head. For example when skiing or mountainbiking.

  • Make film footage from your perspective.
  • For people with long hair, a head strap can be annoying.

Helmet mounts

Helmet mounts

With a helmet strap, you film from the same perspective as with the head strap. Use the helmet strap for sports such as freestyle snowboarding or rock climbing. Does your helmet have no ventilation holes to pass through the strap? If so, use a self-adhesive mount.

  • Make film footage from your perspective
  • The strap can slide on a smooth helmet.

Selfie sticks and tripods

Selfie sticks and tripods

The selfie stick is the most popular confirmation method. You use a selfie stick to film both yourself and the environment. You can see this tripod anywhere, for example during a walk in the snow.

  • You film yourself and the environment.
  • Some of the stick is visible on your footage.

Suction mounts

Suction mounts

For footage of a moving car, place your camera on a mount with a suction cup. Place the suction cup on your snowboard for a surprising perspective. This creates spectacular footage.

  • Film from perspectives that are normally not possible.
  • Not every suction mount is resistant to high speeds.

Self-adhesive mount

Self-adhesive mounts

An adhesive mount is multi-functional. You stick it on your helmet or on your snowboard. Use the shortcut to place the camera on the mount.

  • The mount takes up very little space and can be left in its place permanently.
  • Residue may remain when you remove the self-adhesive mount.

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