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What GoPro accessories do I need for summer holidays?

Do you have a GoPro HERO camera? Make sure that the device goes on a trip this summer to capture all moments. Did you know that GoPro has handy accessories that make your images even more spectacular and make filming even easier? In this article you can read which accessories come in handy during your summer vacation.

GoPro Karma Grip

The Karma Grip is a gimbal that compensates for vibrations. Whether you are running, cycling or jumping, your images remain stable and vibration free. That way the aftermovie of your holiday will look even more professional. Use the control panel on the grip to control the gimbal with your camera. With the highlights button you highlight highlights during filming. During the editing of your videos, the highlights are immediately visible and that saves a lot of time.

GoPro El Grande

The El Grande is a fold-out selfie stick for the GoPro. You can extend the pole to a length of 97 centimeters. This allows you to take photos and videos from a different perspective. With the extension stick you not only capture yourself, but also a large part of your surroundings. The integrated ball joint lets you rotate the camera 360 degrees around its axis.

GoPro Floaty

During a water sports activity on holiday you take the GoPro Floaty with you. By attaching the Floaty to the back of your camera, you ensure that it stays afloat. This will prevent your camera from sinking to the bottom. In addition, the mount has a safety line and adhesive anchor. This does not drive the camera away. And because of its striking color you will not lose sight of the Floaty anyway.

Super Suit

If you want to make sure that your GoPro survives all your extreme outdoor activities, purchase a Super Suit. With this housing the camera is protected during deep sea diving to a depth of 60 meters. In addition, the Super Suit offers ultimate protection against falls and scratches on the lens and the screen are prevented. Your images stay sharp thanks to the glass lens on the case. The Skeleton Backdoor ensures that the sound stays clean.

GoPro 3-Way

With the 3-Way you have 3 accessories in 1. You use it as an extension arm (selfie stick), as a tripod or as an extra grip for your camera. With the extension arm you make selfies, without the stick coming into view. In the 3-Way is a fold-out tripod, with which you put the GoPro stably on a wall or table. When you disconnect the lever from the arm, you simply use the accessory as a sturdy handle.

GoPro Blue Water Snorkel Filter

If you want to capture the underwater world, the Blue Water Snorkel Filter is for you. With this filter you shoot film images with realistic colors in tropical blue or clear fresh water. Under water your images quickly get a blue haze. The red colored filter ensures that the shades of blue are compensated and the whole gets a realistic color. You use the filter to a depth of 10 meters.

GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Battery

To prevent you from being able to film through an empty battery, take the Dual Battery Charger with you. This does not charge 1 but 2 batteries of your GoPro HERO at the same time. An extra battery comes standard with the charger, so you always have a charged spare battery with you. You charge the batteries with the included USB cable. The LED lights on the charger indicate the status.

GoPro The Strap

With The Strap you attach the camera to your hand or arm. This makes it easy to make cool 360-degree videos of your summer (sports) activity. 2 tires are included. The adjustment of the tires is simple, so they are always well secured. It is not bad if the straps become wet during water sports activities, they can withstand water splashes.

GoPro The Handler

If you like to record your moves on the surfboard or in the kayak carefree, use the waterproof grip The Handler. This handgrip is waterproof up to 10 meters and offers you more control and stability during filming. He also ensures that your GoPro stays afloat. So you do not have to worry that your camera sinks to the bottom if you drop it in the water.

GoPro Shorty

Would you like to film something out of hand during your holiday? But do you also want to be able to put the camera at the same time? Then you use the GoPro Shorty. This is a mini-tripod and handle in 1. The handle is adjustable in length from 11.7 to 22.7 centimeters. This way you can make nice selfies with your GoPro during your trip. If you unfold the legs, the GoPro Shorty becomes a mini-tripod and you film hands-free.

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