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What viewing angles do the different GoPro mounts have?

You have purchased a GoPro HERO action camera and now want to add a mount. Which accessory you need depends on what you are going to film. Here you can read which mounts are all there and which viewing angle they have.

GoPro Headstrap


With the Headstrap, you attach the action camera to your head or helmet. Because the camera is higher than your eyes, you film from a higher perspective. Film your opponent during a game of boxing, record your snowboarding skills or register your mountaineering. Thanks to the QuickClip you can also attach it to your cap, hat or any other object that is between 3 and 10 millimeters wide. The strap is adjustable so that it always fits.

GoPro Chest Mount Harness

Chest Mount

The Chest Mount is a harness with which you capture images from your chest. This is the part of the body that moves least, so that the images are stable. With the harness you film not only what you see before you, but also your arms and legs. This makes the harness suitable for skiing, motorcycling, mountain biking and other activities where you want to film from a lower viewing angle than with the Headstrap. For example, you see the technique of skiing.

GoPro Handlebar


The Handlebar is a compact mount that allows you to take 360 ​​degree shots. Attach the Handlebar to your handlebar, paddle, ski pole or other tubular object with a diameter of 9 to 33 millimeters. With one press of a button you can rotate it 360 degrees and you can quickly switch from viewing angle. On the inside is a rubber ring that ensures that it does not slip.

GoPro The Strap

The Strap

Just like the Handlebar, you can make 360-degree videos with The Strap. The difference is that you don't attach The Strap to an object, but to yourself. You can attach it to your hand, wrist, arm, or leg. You can also use the straps under water. Film yourself while swimming, playing softball, or rafting and change perspective in no time.

GoPro Adhesive Mount

Adhesive Mount

The Adhesive includes 3 curved and 3 flat mounts, so you can attach the camera to both curved and flat surfaces. For example, put it on your motorcycle or ski helmet and film from above. Thanks to the powerful, water-resistant 3M stickers, the mount won't let go. You can only remove these stickers with hot air, so keep your hair dryer ready.

GoPro Suction Cup

Suction cup

With the Suction Cup you can attach your camera to cars, boats, motorbikes and other vehicles. The swivel arm gives you the flexibility to aim the camera in all directions. This mount is made to stay at high speed (up to 240 km / h) and give a stable image. It is not recommended to use the Suction Cup in sports where the risk of collisions is high.

GoPro 3-Way


As the name suggests, you can use the 3-Way in 3 ways: as extension arm (selfie stick), as tripod and as extra grip for your camera. With the extension arm you make perfect selfies without the mount coming into view. In the inside there is a small, fold-out tripod that provides stable images. If the handle is disconnected from the arm, you can use it as an extra grip. That way the camera falls out of your hands less quickly. The water-resistant mount is collapsed 19 inches and unfolded 50.8 inches long.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

Dog Harness

It is nice to use a mount yourself, but sometimes it is even more fun to put your pet on it. Especially for dogs, there is the Fetch Dog Harness. Hoist your four-legged friend in the harness and turn the camera on. The images are hilarious, because you see everything from the eyes of a dog. Because you let the action camera rest on the back or chest of the dog, you can play with the perspective. The harness is suitable for dogs between 7 and 54 kilograms. Has your dog been rolling in the sand? No problem. You can wash the armor.

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