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How do you choose the best all-in-one PC for you?

An all-in-one PC is the alternative to the traditional desktop with monitor. The computer is integrated into the screen in an all-in-one. This way, everything is in one place and your desk looks neat. Moreover, all-in-ones come in various variants, but how do you know which one you need? In this article I will tell you how to get to the best all-in-one.

In short

In practice you have the choice of 2 types of all-in-one PCs: on the one hand there are all-in-one PCs that run Windows, and on the other hand you have the Apple iMac. It is therefore especially important to ask yourself whether you prefer to work with macOS or with Windows. In addition, it is also important to consider what you will use the PC for. Because only then is it possible to make a well-considered choice.

What will you do with the all-in-one?

All-in-one PC with mouse and keyboard.

Do you want to use the PC for internet, e-mail or word processing? Then every all-in-one is enough. However, if you want to do more with your all-in-one, such as video editing or working with Photoshop, then you have to dig deeper into the pouch. For example, you need an all-in-one with at least an Intel Core i5 processor for photo editing and an i7 for video editing. Most all-in-ones are not really suitable for gaming, since they usually do not have a powerful dedicated video card.

Which features are important to you?

All-in-one PC with keyboard and mouse.

Some all-in-one PCs have a touchscreen. It is true that these variants are more expensive than those without a touchscreen, so a touchscreen is only advisable if you find this really important. For example, if you work with large files and you always have insufficient storage space, consider sufficient storage space. If you do video or photo editing, then a high-resolution display is recommended so that you work in detail. Depending on the number of features you also have to adjust your budget.

Mac or Windows?

All-in-one PC with Windows

If you have an iPhone, an iPad or you like Apple devices, then an iMac is recommended. If you don't care and you can handle both macOS and Windows, then a Windows all-in-one is recommended. An iMac, especially with a 5K screen, is often higher in terms of purchase price than a Windows PC, which is especially noticeable if you have a budget. A few, however, prefer the ease of use and aesthetics that an iMac brings.


Which all-in-one suits you depends on your preferences and how high your budget is. The heavier the tasks you are going to perform with the PC, the deeper you have to put in the pouch. The difference between macOS and Windows is also important to consider. If money does not play a role, do you want to perform graphic work or are you an Apple fan, then choose an iMac. Do you have less money to spend or do you want a home-garden-and-kitchen PC, then you're just as good with a Windows PC.

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