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What is the build quality of a robot vacuum cleaner?

The build quality of a robot vacuum cleaner has a lot of impact on the service life. If you buy a robot with a basic class build quality, chances are that you will have to buy a new one in one or two years. Top quality robot vacuum cleaners enjoy a lot longer.

In short

Exhaust filter Keep the exhaust air of the robot vacuum cleaner clean and ensure that the dust particles remain in the robot.
Battery technology A Lithium-ion battery is a lot more durable than another type of battery.
Distance sensors Let the robot know that there is an obstacle coming, so that it will not hit it hard.
Charging options The more extensive the robot vacuum cleaner, the more extensive the charging options are.
Anti-jam function If the robot vacuum cleaner gets stuck, with this function it will free itself to continue driving.
Thresholds A robot vacuum cleaner that cannot drive over thresholds will hit this and damage the sensors.

High-end build quality

High-end robot vacuum

You buy top class robot vacuum cleaners because you want to use them for years. These robotic vacuum cleaners last the longest because the risk of damage is smallest. A robot vacuum cleaner with top quality build quality therefore has at least 70% of the specifications from the table above. These robot vacuum cleaners are distinguished by sensors for obstacles, an anti-crash function and the charging options.

Mid-range build quality

Mid-range robot vacuum

The robotic vacuum cleaners with build quality middle class have at least 50% of the specifications from the table above. These robots, for example, do not automatically continue after charging, but do have different sensors and run across average thresholds.

Basic build quality

Basic robot vacuum

Robotic vacuum cleaners with build quality basic class have less than 50% of the specifications from the table above. For example, the robot vacuum cleaner fails where the battery runs out, the battery is a lot less durable and the robot does not contain any navigation methods. This is often reflected in the price. If the robot vacuum cleaner is an addition to the vacuum cleaner and especially to skip vacuuming, a basic class vacuum cleaner is sufficient for you.

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