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How often and how do I check my gas barbecue for a gas leak?

Accidents will happen. For example, because of a small hole, tear, or error. If there's a hole or tear in your gas hose, this will cause a gas leak in the connection of your gas barbecue. A wrongly connected gas pressure regulator can also cause a gas leak, which is very dangerous. How to check your barbecue for a gas leak, and how often, can be found here.

How do I check my gas barbecue for a gas leak?

You should check a gas barbecue for gas leaks once in a while. Why? Because a gas leak can cause your barbecue to explode. And an explosion means fire, accidents, and misery. If gas is leaking from the gas bottle of your gas BBQ, it will remain around the barbecue. When you light your barbecue, it will ignite and explode within a few seconds. So, it's best to regularly check for gas leaks by following the steps below.

Step 1. Use soapy water as a test liquid (50% water, 50% dish soap) and create a lot of foam.

Step 2. Sometimes test liquid is included when you buy your gas BBQ. Check this out.

Step 3. Open the gas tap of your barbecue.

Step 4. Put foam on the connection of your barbecue and the gas bottle.

Step 5. Check if the soap bubbles (bubbles will appear).

Step 6. Does the soap bubble? Be careful, you have a gas leak. Read what to do under 'Leaf found'.

Step 7. No bubbles? Great. Close the gas tap and rinse the parts with soap on them.

Step 8. Doubts? Read the manual of the BBQ again. It has instructions for a leak test as well.

Never use fire to find a gas leak. This is life-threatening! Do not smoke during your control round. Do you smell gas or do you hear a hissing sound? Turn off the gas immediately and replace the hose, pressure regulator and/or coupling.

How often do you check a gas barbecue for a gas leak?

Gas Barbecue

If you are going to use your gas bbq for the first time, you are already checking for a gas leak. Maybe you did not put the barbecue very nicely or parts were broken. Then you do this again at the end of the barbecue season. The following year is another good time to do a check before you get back to work all season. Always replace the gas hose and gas pressure regulator every 3 years. The rubber gas hose gets cracks due to dehydration and use, which can later become a leak. Prevent something with better accidents than cure.

Found a leak? Now what...

Gas pressure regulator

You've gone through the first 8 steps, and then you notice that you have a gas leak. But what now? Check whether you've connected the barbecue and gas bottle properly. Maybe you haven't tightened everything enough. Check again with soap if the leak is gone. If it isn't, there might be a leak in the hose. Replace it with a new one. Is the gas pressure regulator broken? Replace it!

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