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How do you connect a gas bottle to a gas barbecue?

Do you not know how to safely connect a gas bottle to your gas barbecue? I can relate, but it's actually pretty easy. With the right gas bottle and correct connectors you can safely ignite your BBQ. In this article, I'll give you more advice on connect a gas bottle to your gas BBQ.

Connecting a gas bottle in 10 steps

  1. Check whether the seal is damaged. If not, remove it. If it is, return it to the store.
  2. Check the gas pressure regulator and the rubber ringlet inside of the connector of the regulator for damage.
  3. Connect the gas pressure regulator to the gas bottle.
  4. Firmly tighten the regulator, using your hands.
  5. Connect the other end of the gas hose to the barbecue.
  6. Place the gas bottle on a level surface, in an open space.
  7. Open the gas valve with your bare hand, don't use any tools.
  8. Use a little brush to cover the connectors with soapy water.
  9. If you spot any bubbles, the gas pressure regulator isn't properly connected. In this case, repeat all of the steps above.
  10. No bubbles to be seen? Ignite the barbecue.

1. Which gas bottle do I need for my barbecue?

The type of gas bottle you need depends on the type of gas barbecue. In addition, there are also 2 different types of gas: butane gas and propane gas. In the article below, you can read all of the essential information on BBQ gas bottles.

2. Which gas pressure regulator do I need for a gas barbecue?

Gas pressure regulator

A gas pressure regulator with gas hose provides a constant pressure. The pressure in the bottle is much higher than the pressure you need to barbecue. Before you connect the gas cylinder to the barbecue, check which gas pressure regulator you need. When no gas pressure regulator is supplied with your barbecue, look in the manual which you need. It is a universal or model-specific gas pressure regulators which are just as safe to use. The universal gas pressure regulators are the so-called DIN regulators. For gas barbecues you need a gas pressure of 30 mbar. When purchasing a gas pressure regulator, make sure that it is suitable for 30 mbar.

3. How do I connect the gas bottle to my gas barbecue?

How do I connect the gas bottle to my gas barbecue?

Before connection the gas bottle, make sure you possess the proper connecting materials. Pay special attention the connector of the barbecue. This can be either a nipple connector or a threaded connector. If your barbecue features a nipple connector, you can directly connect the gas hose to it. If you your barbecue has a threaded connector, you need a nipple-to-thread adapter in order to connect your hose to the barbecue.

4. Where do I store my gas bottle?

Always store your gas bottle outside. Keep it upright and place it in an open shed or beneath an overhang. Also check whether the gas valve is closed tightly and remove the gas pressure regulator from the bottle. Never store the gas bottle in the basement, closed spaces, or near heat sources such as direct sunlight.

5. What do I do with an empty gas bottle?

Depending on where you bought the gas bottle, you can exchange the bottle or have it refilled. Usually, you can return to the seller to hand in the empty bottle. Never try to dispose of the gas bottle your safe, this is very dangerous.

6. Tips

Before you start barbecuing, make sure to read the tips listed below:

  • Before you connect the gas bottle, always check the gas hose for tearing.
  • The gas bottle must always rest on a level surface. If the bottle is tilted, there's a chance it might fall over, which is dangerous.
  • It goes without saying that you should keep the gas bottle away from children.
  • Due to explosion hazard, don't place the gas bottle inside of the recess of the barbecue while barbecuing.
  • The gas bottle must never become warm.

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