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Where and how do you store a gas bottle after the barbecue?

Have you a gas barbecue at home, you need a gas bottle. Whether you have an outdoor kitchen or cook on a small stove, without a gas bottle you do not get far. If the barbecue is on, then the gas cylinder is faithful. But where and how do you store a gas bottle safely after barbecuing? View these 9 tips.

1. Keep the gas bottle in the right place

The least risk is when you store a gas cylinder outside in the open air or under a canopy. There are well-ventilated sheds or garages in the second place of safe storage areas. Please note: a storage space under an outdoor kitchen is not covered by a well-ventilated room.

2. Putting a gas cylinder in the sun is a bad idea

Do you keep the gas cylinder outside? Doing well. Then put it out of the sun. The pressure in gas cylinders with butane or propane gas increases when bottles are directly in the sun or next to a heat source. You do not want this if you do not use the gas bottle. Something with a risk of explosion.

3. Keep the gas cylinder away from heat sources

Do not put your gas bottle next to a heater, stove, fireplace, patio heater etc. The same applies as when you put a gas cylinder in the sun. An increased risk of explosion!

4. Butane gas should not go outdoors in the winter

Gas bottles filled with butane gas are no longer usable in an area of ​​-0.5 degrees or lower. Propane gas, on the other hand, you use up to a temperature of -40 degrees.

5. Avoid cellars and locked garages

The gas in the bottle is and remains an explosive substance, even though it is in a sturdy metal bottle or canister. Enclosed spaces such as cellars or garages under the house are a hazardous storage area for gas bottles. Do not store gas bottles under the ground.

7. The gas cylinder must always be upright

Keep a gas bottle upright on a flat surface. That is the most safe situation for a gas cylinder. If you store a gas bottle, there is a possibility that it will start rolling. This can damage the valve, causing gas to leak out of the bottle.

8. Keep children or pets away

The combination gas bottle and children or pets is never okay. If the gas bottle is damaged by children or pets that are playing busy, this can have unpleasant consequences. The gas bottle may leak or even explode after a fall.

9. Close the gas tap, disconnect gas pressure regulator

By storing a gas cylinder completely closed, there is little chance that gas escapes from the bottle. Take care that you shut off the gas tap, even if the gas bottle is empty. There can always be some gas escaping from the bottle and that creates dangerous situations.

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