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How do you choose a children's toothbrush?

Do you want to teach your child to brush their teeth properly? If so, a children's electric toothbrush is a good choice. But from what age is it appropriate for a child to use an electric toothbrush? And what should you keep in mind when choosing a children's toothbrush? In this article, we'll explain how to choose the best electric toothbrush for your little one.

Choose a children's electric toothbrush

Toothbrush with Sparkly app

When choosing a children's electric toothbrush for your little one, it's important to ask yourself the following questions:* What age is your child?* Do you want your child to brush with a round or an oval toothbrush?* Does your child have braces?

What age is your child?

Toddlers' electric toothbrush

Toddlers' electric toothbrush

A number of children's electric toothbrushes are suitable for children from 3 years. These toothbrushes have a small brush attachment with extra soft bristles.

Children's electric toothbrush

Children's electric toothbrush from 6 years

Most children's electric toothbrushes from our assortment are suitable for children from 6 years. These toothbrushes have a brush attachment with extra soft bristles and an accompanying app with Disney and cartoon characters.

Teenager's electric toothbrush

Teenagers' electric toothbrushes

There are also electric toothbrushes specially designed for teenagers. These toothbrushes have a special brush attachment for braces. The toothbrushes also work with an app so your teenager will learn to brush better. Are you looking for an electric toothbrush without an app? The normal electric toothbrushes with a soft brush attachment are also suitable. Brush attachments for sensitive teeth and inflamed gums always have soft bristles.

Do you want a sonic or a rotating toothbrush?

Philips children's toothbrush


You can immediately recognize sonic children's toothbrushes by their rectangular brush head. It features bristles that vibrate at high speed. Because of its shape, a sonic toothbrush can be used the same was as a manual toothbrush.

Oral-B children's toothbrush


Rotating children's toothbrushes feature a round brush head that rotates at high speed. Not quite as fast as toothbrushes for adults, but fast enough for children to be able to remove more plaque than with a manual toothbrush.

Does your child have braces?

Braces electric brushing

All electric toothbrushes are suitable for braces if you use the correct brush attachment. Does your child have braces? Choose a brush attachment suitable for braces. These brush attachments are specially designed to brush around braces. The bristles are positioned in such a way that you can also brush hard-to-reach places.

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