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How do you choose external storage for backups?

With a backup, you make a copy of the entire contents of your PC, so that your files and programs aren't lost. For backups, there are different types of external storage with a separate backup function, with which you can easily transfer files or make automatic backups. In this article, I'll tell you which type of external storage suits you best.

External SSD: quick and easy to carry

External SSD desk

If your backups aren't too big and you want to create them quickly? Then choose an external SSD. With a maximum storage capacity of 2TB, these external storage devices have less storage space than HDDs, but they're much faster. In addition, an SSD is shockproof and very small, making it easy to take with you. Put it in your pocket or in your laptop bag and you'll have access to your backed up files everywhere.

  • Fast
  • Shockproof
  • Compact
  • Relatively expensive

External HDD: large storage capacity

External HDD hard drive

Is your PC or laptop always packed with documents, photos, videos, and programs? Then use an external hard drive, or HDD, to safely back them up. An HDD has a lot of storage space at a relatively low price. You can easily get 4 or 8TB at a good price. There are even hard drives with 20TB of storage. External HDDs are especially suitable for leaving on your desk, possibly permanently connected to your computer.

  • Lots of storage
  • Relatively cheap
  • Relatively slow
  • Shock sensitive

NAS: lots of storage space in a personal cloud

NAS personal cloud

On an NAS, you can wirelessly make backups of your PC, laptop, tablet, or phone. You create your own cloud and you don't need an expensive cloud service. Let your NAS make continuous backups through your home network, so you'll never lose your files if one of your devices is irreparably damaged. The storage space of an NAS can often be expanded for more storage space or placed in a RAID array, so that your backups are protected extra well.

  • Wireless connection to and streaming to devices
  • Your personal cloud
  • Lots of storage
  • Slower than SSD

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