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Advice on bread makers

With a bread baking machine, you can make sure that you have fresh bread for breakfast in the morning. But what exactly should you keep in mind when buying a bread maker? On this page, you can find all the information you need to purchase the right one.

Choose a bread maker

Bread makers have different functions for baking various types of bread. The questions below will help you find the best bread maker for you.

  • How much bread do you want to bake?
  • Do you also want to add extra ingredients, such as nuts and seeds?
  • Do you also want to make gluten-free bread?
  • What accessories do you need?

Amount of bread

Bread baking machines are available in different sizes. Which one suits you best depends on how much bread you want to make. Do you want to make large loaves for several people, or several small loaves to put int he freezer? It's all possible. The exact size of bread is difficult to determine, though. Keep in mind that a bread of 600 to 1000 grams is about the same as a whole loaf from the supermarket.

Extra ingredients

The biggest advantage of a bread maker is that you can decide which ingredients you add to the bread. This way, you can make bread to your taste. For example, you can easily add seeds, nuts, raisins, or herbs. You can add these manually or automatically during the baking process. If you want to add them automatically, you fill the tray with the extra ingredients in advance. If your machine doesn't have that, an audio signal will let you know when to add the extra ingredients.

Gluten-free bread

For people with gluten allergies, it's extra important that bread is prepared the right way. It correlates with the ingredients you use, of course. There are bread makers with a special programs to prepare gluten-free bread. This prevents the bread from becoming dry and less tasty. You can also find gluten-free recipes in the manual of most bread makers.


A bread maker is often quite complete, but there are several accessories you can use to make baking bread even more fun. There are various cookbooks on baking bread, bread bins you can store your freshly baked bread in, and slicers you can use to slice your bread easily.

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