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How do you choose the right fast charger?

You can fast charge many smartphones and some tablets with a fast charger. This makes charging 2 to 3 times as fast as with a standard charger. To be able to fast charge, your smartphone needs to support fast charging and you need the right fast charger. On this page, you'll read what charger you need to charge your smartphone as fast as possible.

Choose a fast charger

Choose a fast charger

To charge your smartphone extra fast, you also need the right charger and cable in addition to a device which supports fast charging. To find out which charger is the right one, ask yourself the following:

  • Does my smartphone support fast charging?
  • If so, which fast charging protocol does my smartphone have?
  • Do I have the correct cable?

Not sure if your smartphone supports fast charging? Look up your device on our site and check the specifications.

Find out which fast charging protocol you have

Choose fast charging protocol

A fast charging protocol is a technology which makes fast charging possible. Power Delivery and Quick Charge are general protocols which are used by various brands. There are also brand-specific protocols such as OnePlus WarpCharge, which only OnePlus uses. Your device and charger need the same fast charging protocol to charge fast and safely. Do you use an adapter with a different fast charging protocol than your smartphone? Your device will charge, but not at maximum speed. So you have no use for your fast charger.

Use Power Delivery for Apple

Apple iPhone charger Power Delivery

All iPhone models from iPhone 8 upwards support extra fast charging via Power Delivery. The devices can then handle up to 18W power. After half an hour of charging at 18W, your battery is about 50% full. With the standard 5W iPhone charger included in the package, you won't get above 20% in that time. Several iPad models, especially those in the iPad Pro series, also support fast charging. They can usually handle a higher output of 29W, which makes charging even faster.

Choose Power Delivery or Quick Charge for Samsung

Fast charging for Samsung Quick Charge or Power Delivery

Samsung has 2 fast charging protocols. Adaptive Fast Charging, a modified version of Quick Charge, and Super Fast Charging, a modified version of Power Delivery. Because they're based on the 2 general fast charging protocols, standard Quick Charge and Power Delivery chargers also work fine. So you don't necessarily need an original Samsung charger. Most Samsung smartphones work with Adaptive Fast Charging/Quick Charge. But more and more new devices, like the S20 series, work with the faster Super Fast Charging/Power Delivery.

Check for other brands which protocol you have

Fast charging protocol Huawei SuperCharge, OnePlus Warpcharge, OPPO Super VOOC Flash Charge

Smartphones from Sony and Xiaomi work with Power Delivery like Apple. Huawei and Motorola use a modified version of Quick Charge. So both original chargers and Quick Charge chargers are suitable for fast charging of those smartphones. High-end devices in the Huawei Pro and Mate series can handle such high power that you can only get the maximum speed with dedicated Huawei chargers. OnePlus and OPPO both have their own fast charging protocol. You can only fast charge those devices with the original charger.

Keep the cable in mind

The right cable for fast charging

Not all cables are suitable for fast charging. First, consider the connector. Power Delivery chargers have an oval USB-C connector instead of the usual rectangular USB-A connector. So you need a cable with USB-C on the one end and Lightning on the other end for iPhone models, or USB-C for iPad/Android. In addition, not all cables can handle high power. Choose a charger with an included cable if you want to be sure you have the right cable.

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