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What is fast charging and how does it work?

With fast charging, your phone charges a lot faster than normal. Handy if you just want to leave and notice that your phone is almost empty; after a short charge you can last a few hours. Here, we'll explain what fast charging is and what you need for it.

How does fast charging work?

Quick charge Moto G6

With fast charging, the charger sends a higher amperage energy through the cable. Suppose your phone normally records 1A current and with fast charging 2A, the battery is now full faster. This happens especially if your battery is almost empty. The fuller your battery, the less fast charging is because your battery would go differently. Fast charging is therefore especially suitable if you want to charge a flat battery quickly so that you have a few hours of electricity.

What do I need to fast charge my phone?

Fast charger and dash charge cable

Not all chargers are fast chargers, and not all phones support fast charging. In order to use fast charging, you'll need both a charger and a phone featuring a fast charging function. If your charger isn't equipped with a fast charging function, you can't use it to fast charge your phone. If you do have a fast charger, but your phone doesn't have a fast charging function, your smartphone will be charged at normal speed. Do you often charge your phone using a power bank? There are power banks with a fast charging function, which means this will go extra fast.

Is fast charging bad for my battery?

Quick charge Samsung Galaxy S9

Fast charging is no worse than normal charging. Your phone does not get more energy than it can take. It also gives no problems if you use a quick charger for a phone without fast charging, or just a normal charger for your phone with fast charge function. Your phone will charge at normal speed.

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