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How often and how do you clean burners on a gas barbecue?

Want to enjoy your gas barbecue for as long as possible? In that case it's a good idea to clean your gas barbecue's burners at least 2 times per year. Do it once at the start of barbecue season and once at the end. That way, you can grill on a clean barbecue all season long. Store it with clean burners and all until next year's season. Read how to clean the burners here.

Follow the 11 steps below to clean your burners:

Gas Barbecue
  1. Take enough time for this chore (+/- 30 minutes per burner).
  2. Disconnect the pressure regulator and the propane cylinder.
  3. Remove the grill rack and other parts above the burners.
  4. Remove the burner tubes from your gas barbecue.
  5. Consult your barbecue's manual to read how to remove the burner tubes without damaging the wiring.
  6. Clean the individual burners by using an straightened paperclip to poke in all the holes.
  7. Next, use a steel wire to remove all the food residue from the inside of the burner.
  8. Clean the outside of the burners with a rough brush and soapy water.
  9. Dry the burners with an old rag.
  10. Carefully put back the burner tubes as described in your BBQ's manual.
  11. Warning: check very carefully if you've correctly installed each component. That prevents dangerous situations.

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