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5 advantages of an infrared gas burner on your BBQ

An infrared burner on your gas barbecue is a big advantage. In this article, I'll list the 5 most important advantages of an infrared burner compared to regular gas burners. Convinced? Don't settle for less and get that infra red burner. Not sure? Save your money for extra functions on your gas barbecue that better fit your idea of grilling.

1. Less time heating up

Thanks to an infrared burner, a gas barbecue will reach the desired temperature more quickly. The extra, high power of an infrared burner is what makes it happen. The intense radiation of the burner ensures that the barbecue reaches a serious grilling temperature (250+ degrees) within 3 to 5 minutes.

2. Reaching extra high temperatures

Has the barbecue reached the desired temperature? An infrared burner will ensure that you'll be able to quickly sear the meat, steakhouse style. A good steakhouse grills using infrared burners. The power of an infrared burner is many times higher than that of standard tube burners. By achieving this extreme heat on your barbecue, you can create the dark-brown seared crust on a steak.

3. Meat will stay juicier

Because you quickly sear the meat when you use an infrared burner on your gas barbecue, the meat will stay juicier. You can imagine that the longer a piece of meat is exposed to heat, the more natural juices will leave the meat. That's why you can prepare the tenderest pieces of meat on a gas barbecue with infrared burners.

4. Shorter grilling times

The hotter a barbecue is, the shorter dishes will need to be heated. In other words, an infrared burner shortens the time it takes to grill dishes. In some cases, it's even up to 4 times shorter. That saves you a lot of time and gas.

5. Use less fuel

Infrared burners use less gas than other burners. That's because of the way the burners emit heat. An infrared burner's heat is transferred directly to the meat through radiation (like a laser pointer or sunbeams on your skin). Regular burners mostly heat the air around the burner to get to the food that way (like a fireplace). With an infrared burner, you save fuel (gas) and money. An infrared burner will pay for itself eventually.

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