Written by Nadie

How do I clean the robot's sensors?

Robot vacuums use sensors and lasers to find their way. After a while, these sensors will get dirty. As a result, the robot will have trouble finding its way or will bump into things. It could even fall down the stairs. That's why it's important to regularly clean the lasers and sensors. Read how you do that in this article.

Clean the sensors

The standard sensors are located on the robot vacuum's bottom and bumper. Clean the sensors with a dry cotton swab. Never use a damp cloth or cleaning fluids; this could damage the sensors.

Cleaning the camera or laser

Some robot vacuums have a camera or laser on top in addition to their other sensors. Clean the camera or laser lens with a clean, dry cloth. Can't reach it with a cloth? Use an air duster to remove the dirt and dust. Never use cleaners or water. That can damage the laser or camera.

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