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How do I maintain my robot vacuum?

If you regularly use your robot vacuum, we recommend you take good care of it. That means you regularly clean the sensors and filter, and clean or replace the brushes and wheels. This is very important for the lifespan of your robot vacuum. In this article, I tell you why you should do this, how often you do this, and how you do this.

Clean the sensors and lasers

Maintain and clean robot vacuum

Robot vacuums use different sensors to find their way around the house. Because the robot vacuum drives around on the floor, these sensors get dirty at some point. This dirt disrupts the signals. Because of this, the robot vacuum might suddenly fall down the stairs or spin around in circles. The robot vacuum isn't broken, it's just time to clean the sensors or lasers. You can read how to do this in a few simple steps in this article or in the manual for your robot vacuum.

Empty and clean the dust cup

Empty and clean dust cup robot vacuum

The dust cup in robot vacuums generally isn't very big. A full dust cup causes the robot to suck up less dirt. It's important to empty the dust cup every time you vacuum to maintain a good vacuuming performance. Aside from that, it's also necessary to clean the dust cup once every month. You can do this with a dry or wet cloth. Make sure you dry it off properly. Otherwise, the dust will stick to the cup.

Maintain filter

Clean filter robot vacuum

Clean the filter

Some robot vacuums have a filter. To make sure this filter keeps doing its job, you clean it regularly. You can find information on how to remove the filter from your robot vacuum and how often you should clean it in the manual. Clear out the filter above the trash can or rinse it under the faucet. Let the filter dry for 24 hours. Note: not every filter can be cleaned with water.

Replace filter robot vacuum

Replace filter

You should replace the filter regularly. It differs per robot vacuum how often this is necessary. You can find this information in the product manual. The filter is made from delicate material. Because it is constantly keeping out dust particles and allergens, the material stretches out and loses its power. This way, the filter doesn't work as well and the dust particles come back in the room more easily along with the exhaust air. And you don't want that.

Clean and replace brushes

The brushes of the robot vacuum pick up the dirt and dust form the ground and bring it to the suction brush. Since these brushes are constantly in touch with dirt and dust, we recommend you clean them regularly. You receive a special brush cleaner with some robot vacuums. Cleaning the brushes is easier with this.

Center brush and side brush

Center brush

If the robot vacuum has a center brush, then this is located in the suction brush. To clean the center brush, you detach the brush. In the manual, you can find how you do this exactly and how often. Clear out the brush above the trash can. If there are any hairs stuck to it, it's best to remove these by carefully cutting them loose. You can also remove some smaller dust particles from the brush with a dry cloth.

Side brushes

To clean the side brushes, you first detach these from the robot vacuum. Then you remove most of the dirt above the trash can. Did your robot vacuum come with a brush cleaner? That's great, use this to clean the brushes thoroughly and comb loose any hairs if necessary. Did you not receive a brush cleaner, but are there hairs twisted up in the side brushes anyway? Carefully cut them loose. You replace the side brushes as often as the center brush.

Wheels and mopping function


It's also important to check the wheels regularly. Stuck hairs or dirt between the wheels can disrupt the cleaning program of your robot. If there is dirt between the wheels, you need to remove this carefully with a knife. Is the wheel worn out? In some cases, you can replace it yourself. Check the manual of your product for this.

Robot vacuums with mopping function

If your robot vacuum has a mopping function, you also need to maintain the mop plate. Clean this regularly with a cloth. You can wash the mop itself, but it will need replacing after some time. Don't have a mop lying around? Purchase a new one.

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