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Compare the Samsung Galaxy A51 to the A41

The Samsung Galaxy A51 and A41 are the successors of the successful A50 and A40. The A41 and A51 are better than their predecessors, but how do they compare to one another? The Samsung A51 is a bit bigger, has a larger battery, and an extra camera. In this article, we'll tell you more about the similarities and differences between these two mid-range smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy A51

128GB storage capacity | 6.5-inch Full HD screen | Android 10
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  • Thanks to the wide-angle and macro lens, you have the right camera for different situations.
  • With 4GB RAM, you can switch between different apps fairly smoothly.
  • The large 6.5-inch Full HD screen is suitable for watching movies, but makes it difficult to operate the device with one hand.

Samsung Galaxy A41

64GB storage capacity | 6.1-inch Full HD screen | Android 10
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  • Thanks to the 6.1-inch Full HD screen, the device is both manageable and easy to operate with one hand.
  • With 4GB RAM, you can switch between different apps fairly smoothly.
  • The 3.500mAh battery doesn't last the entire day when you use it regularly.
  • Its storage capacity of 64GB is 2 times smaller than that of the Samsung A51.

Comparison Samsung A51 and A41

Samsung A51 Samsung A41
Screen 6.5-inch Full HD 6.1-inch Full HD
Storage capacity 128GB 64GB
Battery capacity 4000mAh 3500mAh
Cameras Regular, wide-angle, and macro lens + depth sensor Regular and wide-angle lens + depth sensor

Screen and design

Samsung A51 size

A51: large 6.5-inch screen

The Samsung Galaxy A51 has a relatively large, 6.5-inch Full HD screen. Due to this large screen, it's difficult to operate the device with one hand. The advantage of this size is that you have plenty of room to watch a video or play a game. The selfie camera is integrated in a small opening. This way, the camera doesn't take a bite out of your screen. The Samsung A51 is available in black, white, and light blue.

Samsung A41 size

A41: average 6.1-inch screen

The 6.1-inch Full HD screen of the A41 is a lot more manageable. You might have less room for movies, but you can operate the device with one hand. The screen is just as bright and sharp as that of the A51. You can find the selfie camera of the A41 in the notch at the top of the screen. That means the camera takes up a slightly larger part of the screen. You can choose between the colors black, white, and dark blue.

Computing power and storage

Buy Samsung A51 computing power

A51: suitable for standard use, 128GB storage capacity

With its Samsung Exynos 9611 processor, the A51 is suitable for standard use. That means the smartphone hardly slows down when you use WhatsApp, internet, or play a simple game like Wordfeud. Thanks to the 4GB RAM, you can switch between different apps relatively fast. And with a storage capacity of 128GB, you'll have plenty of room for your apps, photos, and other files. If necessary, you can expand the storage with a memory card of up to 512GB.

A41 speed

A41: slightly less powerful, 64GB storage capacity

The Samsung Galaxy A41 has a slightly less powerful Mediatek P65 processor. The difference isn't very big, so the A41 won't slow down much with normal use either. The A41 also has a 4GB RAM, which means it switches between apps just as fast as the A51. With 64GB, the storage capacity of the A41 is only half as big. You can expand the storage with a memory card of up to 512GB.


Battery Samsung A51

A51: average 4000mAh battery

With a battery capacity of 4000mAh, the battery of the Samsung A51 is average for a device in this price range. A full charge will get you through a day of normal use without having to charge in between. The A51 supports the fast charging protocol Quick Charge 3.0. That means you can charge the device fairly fast with the included charger. This smartphone can't be charged wirelessly.

Samsung A41 battery life

A41: smaller 3500mAh battery

The 3.500mAh battery of the A41 is considerably smaller than that of the A51. If you don't use your device very intensively, you can get through the day without having to charge in between. Do you use your smartphone regularly? Then it's smart to bring a charger when you're away from home. The A41 also supports Quick Charge 3.0, so it charges quickly. Just like the A51, this device can't be charged wirelessly.


Camera A51

A51: standard, wide-angle, and macro lens

The Samsung Galaxy A51 has 3 cameras and a depth sensor. With the 48-megapixel standard camera, you can take fairly good pictures. Thanks to the 12-megapixel wide-angle lens, large groups and buildings also fit into your photo entirely. You can use the macro lens to take photos from very up close. When you try to photograph a flower from up close, a normal camera would produce a blurry photo. The macro lens ensures a sharp image, on the other hand. The depth sensor creates a depth-of-field effect in your photos.

Camera A41

A41: standard and wide-angle lens

The Samsung A41 has 2 cameras and a depth sensor. The 48-megapixel main camera is comparable to the one on the A51. Aside from that, the device also has an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens. This lens captures slightly less details than the wide-angle lens of the A51, but you can hardly see the difference with the naked eye. The depth sensor adds a depth-of-field effect. This looks beautiful on portrait photos, for example. Because the A41 lacks a macro lens, it's camera setup is less extensive.


The main advantage of the Samsung A41, is that you can easily operate it with one hand. In all other areas, the A51 has slightly more to offer. The device is more powerful and has a storage capacity for you photos, files, and apps that is twice as big. In addition, the larger battery lasts longer. You can't take professional photos with either of these devices, but the camera setup on the A51 is the more extensive of the two, thanks to the macro lens.

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