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How do you connect a wired doorbell?

Connecting a wired doorbell is a technical job. Still, most DIYers can install a wired doorbell with the right instructions. That's why we'll explain how to connect a wired doorbell step by step in this article.

Connect doorbell in 2 or 3 steps

Connect doorbell

If you already have existing doorbell wires, you can easily install the doorbell in about 10 minutes. Are you connecting a doorbell to new doorbell wires? In that case, you'll need more supplies and installation will take about 30 minutes.

Connect a doorbell with existing doorbell wires

Connecting a doorbell with existing wiring is actually pretty easy, since you already have the wiring in place in place to connect your doorbell. The first step of the installation is to mount the doorbell button. All you need is a screwdriver.

Step 1: Mount the back plate and wiring

Step 1A: Use the screws to screw the back plate to the doorframe.

Step 1B: Stick the doorbell wiring on the back of the doorbell button, with the wires in the designated slots.

Step 1C: If there's still insulation material on the doorbell wires, use pliers to remove it (up to 5 centimeters) before placing the wires in the doorbell button.

Step 1D: Screw the wires firmly onto the back plate with a screwdriver.

Step 2: Screw the doorbell button onto the back plate

Screw doorbell button

Step 2A: Click or screw the doorbell button onto the backplate that you've just mounted onto the door frame.

Step 2B: Check whether the doorbell is working by pressing the doorbell button.

Connect a doorbell with new doorbell wires

To connect a doorbell with new doorbell wires, you have to follow all steps from running new doorbell wiring to mounting and connecting your new doorbell.

You're going to need: new doorbell wiring, pliers, a receiver, transformer, and an electricity cable.

Step 1: Connect a doorbell transformer

Doorbell transformer

Step 1A: See if you can find a transformer in the house. These are often located in the fuse box. Found one? You don't need a new transformer.

Step 1B: Don't have a transformer? In that case, mount a transformer to the wall or in the fuse box. You should always place the transformer near a socket, because a transformer uses high-voltage power (230V) and converts the voltage for the doorbell into low-voltage power (24V).

Step 2: Mount the back plate and wires

Connect doorbell wires

Step 2A: Drill a hole in the door frame if there isn't one already, and stick the doorbell wire from the inside to the outside. You need doorbell wiring on the outside so you can connect the doorbell button to it later.

Step 2B: Remove the insulation material around the doorbell wiring with pliers to expose the wires, until you have about 5cm left.

Step 2C: Use the screws to mount the back plate of the doorbell button to the door frame.

Step 2D: Press the wires to the back of the doorbell button and screw them down with a screwdriver.

Step 3: Connect the wires to a power socket

Connect wires to power

Step 3A: Run the wiring all the way to the receiver and cut it down to size. Keep in mind that part of the wiring has to go into the receiver.

Step 3B: Remove the insulation material on this side of the wiring in order to expose the wires here as well, until you have about 5cm left.

Step 3C: Place the wires in the transformer and screw them down with a screwdriver. Plug the electricity cable into the designated slots to power the transformer.

Step 3D: If the electricity cable doesn't have a connector yet, you have to attach a connector to the end of the electricity cable yourself.

Step 3E: Plug the connector into the socket and check if the doorbell works by pressing the doorbell button.

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