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How do you choose a wired doorbell?

A wired doorbell is a doorbell that is connected to a power point in the house via a cable. If you're looking for a replacement doorbell and want it to function just like your current bell, choose a wired doorbell. In this article, we'll explain how a wired doorbell works and what the options are.

Choose wired doorbell

Choose wired doorbell

If you choose a new wired doorbell, there are several features that you can choose from. There are standard doorbells, but you also have the option to connect an intercom or monitor. Ask yourself the following:

  • Is there a connection for the doorbell?
  • Do you want to talk to the person who rings the bell?
  • Do you also want to see the person at the door?
  • How are you going to install the doorbell?

Is there already a connector for the doorbell?

Doorbell connector

To make a doorbell work, you need power. Wired doorbells are connected via cables. If you use an existing connection, these cables are already there. You can easily connect a new doorbell. Is there no connection for a wired doorbell? You'll need a bell wire and transformer. A transformer converts 230 volts of electricity from the socket into low-voltage.

Do you want to talk to the person who rings the bell?

Doorbell with two-way audio

A wired doorbell with an intercom provides extra convenience. If you're not near the door, you can talk to your visitor via the intercom. That's nice if you're folding the laundry or if you live in an apartment. With an intercom, you'll know who it is right away. This is extra safe for the elderly or children, because they can first ask who is at the door.

Do you also want to see the person at the door?

Doorbell with color screen

A wired doorbell with built-in camera ensures even more security. Through the receiver, you can hear who is at the door, but you can also see that person. Just like with an intercom, you can then communicate remotely with your visitor. Unwanted visitors and strangers are visible, so you can speak to them without opening the door. Some doorbells are compatible with multiple receievers, so you can see who is at the door in different places in the house.

How are you going to install the doorbell?

Install doorbell

The door button of a wired doorbell works on electricity, so a power point is needed at the door station. Don't have a connection? You have to install a cable including a transformer yourself. You can then attach the button to this. Depending on the receiver you choose, you'll need batteries or a power outlet. You can put many receivers in a power point somewhere in the house, but there are also receivers that work on batteries.

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