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Do I have the right connector for an electric stove?

Having a suitable connection is important for an electric cooker, such as a ceramic or induction cooker. Otherwise it works partly, not at all or the stops strike. Read in 4 steps which connection you have, so that you choose the right electric stove.

Step 1: see which outlet is in your kitchen

To determine whether you have the correct connection for a ceramic or induction stove, first look at the sockets in your kitchen. There are 2 types of sockets:

  • 2-pin Schuko/Gardy sockets (2 openings)
  • 5-pole Perilex sockets (5 openings)

Is there a 5-pole perilex socket in your kitchen? Proceed to step 2. Do you only have 2-pin sockets? Proceed to step 5.

Step 2: measure the number of phases with a multimeter.


Is there a Perilex outlet in your kitchen? Then you need to know how many phases of current he is supplying. Determining the number of phases is easiest with a multimeter. How you do that, you can read in the next article. After this you skip step 3 and 4. Do you not have a multimeter? No problem. Then we will determine the number of phases on your meter cupboard. You can read how you do this in steps 3 and 4.

Step 3: look in the meter cupboard if you have power flow

Power current

If you have power flow, your connection is suitable for an electric stove. You can recognize power from a large cooking group that consists of 4 linked groups. The cooking group has 1 joint handle. Look in your meter cupboard. Do you have a large cooking group that seems to consist of 4 groups, but with 1 long handle? Then you have power flow. Your connection provides 3 phases of electricity and is suitable for an electric cooker. Do you have no power flow, but do you want to cook electrically? Then proceed to step 4 and see if your connection is suitable for an electric hob.

Step 4: look in the meter cupboard if you have a stove group

Cooking group

Do you not have an electric cooker and do you want to cook electrically? Check whether your connection is good for an electric hob. You do this by looking for a cooking group in your meter cupboard. This is 1 group that consists of 2 linked groups. To clarify: they are 2 blocks that are stuck together and have 1 lever together. Look in your meter cupboard. Do you see a cooking group? Then the Perilex socket delivers 2-phase power. Choose an electric hob that is suitable for 2 phases.

Step 5: fuse box connection

Fuse box connection

When you want to cook one on an electric stove, there are a number of things to consider. In addition to using a different outlet, the fuse box must also have a stove group. Is your fuse box not suitable? An electrician can convert it so that you can still cook electrically. How much this costs depends on what is needed in your home. Have the electrician also convert the socket into a Perilex connection.

Step 6: connecting Perilex

Perilex connector

A stove with 2 or 3 phases always uses a Perilex connector. This minimum power supply is too high for a regular connector. A Perilex connector is never supplied with the stove. Always order it separately. You still have to connect the connector to the stove yourself. This hasn't been done in advance, because the wiring in each Perilex socket is different. No experience with electricity? Get help from a qualified electrician.

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