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Switch from a gas stove to an electric stove

Do you cook on a gas stove, but do you want to switch to an electric stove? First check if your home provides 1- or 3-phase electricity. This is on the energy meter in your meter cupboard. Each electric cooker works on 3-phase electricity. Depending on how much electricity enters your home, you follow one of the steps below.

Check how much electricity your home provides

The electricity meter shows whether there is 1-phase or 3-phase electricity entering your home. View the electricity meter in your meter cupboard. How many phases of electricity does your home provide?* 1 phase: there is 220 / 230V on your electricity meter.* 3 phases: there is 3x220 / 230V or 380 / 400V on your electricity meter.Do not you come out yourself? Then contact your network operator and ask how many phases they supply to your home.

Step-by-step plan 1 phase

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If there is 220 / 230V on your electricity meter, you have 1 phase. To make your meter box suitable, please contact your network manager. They tell you whether it is possible to supply 3-phase power instead of 1-phase and what the costs are. If you receive 3 phases, you can contact an electrician for the installation of a power group and the necessary wiring to your kitchen. After this, your home is suitable for an electric stove.

Step-by-step plan 3 phases

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If 3x220 / 230V or 380 / 400V is on your energy meter, you have 3 phases. This means that your connection provides enough energy for an electric stove. You now only need a power group in your meter cupboard and a Perilex outlet in your kitchen. Contact an electrician to place a power group and to pull the wiring through to your kitchen. After this your connection is suitable.

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