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Advice on consoles

The gaming experts at Coolblue have a weakness for every console. But what if you just want to know what the best choice is for you? We'll present you some situations we've found ourselves at one point. Learn from our experience and choose the console suits you best.

Choose the console that suits you

The latest consoles

Every month, more cool games are launched, and every year brand new, more powerful consoles come out. If you like to play the latest games with the best graphics, you also want to play on the newest console. Choose an Xbox One or a PS4. Do you want to play together and/or on the road? Then the Nintendo Switch is the best option for you.

Select: The PlayStation 4

Everything for PS4

PlayStation gamers know exactly why they prefer PS4 over other consoles. For example, the PS4 supports exclusive games like as God Of War and Horizon Zero Dawn. In addition, the PS4 is the only console that support VR games. For the popular PlayStation Pro, games have been specially optimized to run with better picture and/or higher FPS. The PS4 Slim is the slim, energy-efficient brother of the Pro.

Select: the Xbox One X

Blu-ray player

Xbox has also strengthened one One line with a 4K console, namely the Xbox One X. In addition to 4K graphics, the Xbox One X also has a UHD-Blu-Ray player on board. Microsoft also puts the device down as an entertainment hub, where games, music and movies come together. In terms of cooling is also good with the One X, because thanks to a form of water cooling your console also does not blow during gaming.

Select: the Nintendo Switch

Second screen

Nowadays you as a gamer still play a lot together, but it often happens via the internet. The Nintendo Switch opts for a different approach in which up to 4 players play with 1 Switch console. You do this at home on your big TV, but also on the train, in the break or just from your bed. With multiplayer toppers like Super Smash Bros. and legendary games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the Switch for the mobile, social gamers among us.

Choose the games

Best games

You can also base your choice of a console on the games you want to play. But which console has the coolest games? Many popular games are made for multiple platforms. Are you a FIFA, Battlefield and/or Call of Duty fan? Every platform should suit you. It can't hurt to choose the same console as your friends. This way, you can play with or against them online.

Backwards compatibility

Backwards compatibility

When you buy a new console, you also build up a new collection of games. The old game console will probably disappear under a thick layer of dust. This does not mean that this also happens with all your old games. There are consoles that are backwards compatible, making them play games from older game platforms with the same ease. The Nintendo 2DS also plays DS games and the Xbox One can handle a growing selection of Xbox 360 titles.

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