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How do you choose a dehumidifier?

If the humidity is too high, this can cause various types of discomfort. A dehumidifier reduces the humidity and, as a result, the cause of these issues. On this page, we'll explain to you what to keep in mind when purchasing a dehumidifier.

When do I need a dehumidifier?

dehumidifier	condensation

If you're bothered by stuffy odors, foggy windows, silverfish, or moisture stains in your home, the humidity probably exceeds 60%. This means you need a dehumidifier. The ideal humidity is between 40% and 60%. Besides extracting moisture from your home, you can also use a dehumidifier to protect furniture and other things in damp basements and to dry the laundry.

Where are you going to place the dehumidifier?

Dehumidifier in the house


Do you want to use the dehumidifier in a space like the living room, bedroom, or bathroom? The temperature in these rooms is usually above 15 degrees Celsius. This makes compressor or condensation dehumidifiers the most suitable for these kinds of spaces.

Dehumidifier garage

Garage or boat

If you want to use the dehumidifier in an unheated space where it's below 15 degrees Celsius, like a garage or on a boat, an adsorption dehumidifier is a good choice. As opposed to condensation dehumidifiers, adsorption dehumidifiers work well in lower temperatures.

Dehumidifier for laundry


The type of dehumidifier you need in your basement depends on the room temperature. If it's usually warmer than 15 degrees Celsius, it's best to choose a condensation dehumidifier. When it's usually colder than 15 degrees Celsius, we recommend an adsorption dehumidifier.

How large is the space?

Dehumidifier for the house

It's important to know the size of the space you want to place the dehumidifier in. A dehumidifier has a maximum capacity it can dehumidify. If you place it in a larger room than the dehumidifier can handle, it won't properly dehumidify the room.

How fast should the room be dehumidified?

The capacity of the dehumidifier factors into your choice. Are there moisture stains on your walls? You'll need a dehumidifer that can dehumidify at least 30 liters per day. With smaller moisture issues, a capacity of 20 liters will suffice.

Do you want to dry the laundry faster?

Want to use the dehumidifier to dry your laundry faster? In that case, it's important the dehumidifier has a special laundry drying program. This program ensures the dehumidifier stays on continuously to dry your clothes. Even when the set humidity has been reached.

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