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How do I maintain my dehumidifier?

Your dehumidifier makes sure the humidity level in your home doesn't become too high. In order to enjoy your dehumidifier for as long as possible, you need to perform regular maintenance. A full maintenance will set you back less than 15 minutes.

Water reservoir

Empty the water tank at least once per week, or whenever it fills up before that time. You should clean the water tank with warm water and a mild detergent at least once per 2 weeks. If the water tank smells bad, use water with lemon juice or cleaning vinegar. Please note: you can't use the water in the water tank to drink, cook, or clean your dishes. This water has become stagnant and contains lots of bacteria.


A filter in a dehumidifier catches a lot of dirt and dust particles. Once the filter is full, you'll need to replace or clean it, depending on the type of filter. Air humidifiers that include a washable filters should be cleaned about once, every 2 months. In spaces that contain a lot of dust, we advise you to clean the filter more often. Washable filters should be replaced once holes are tears start to show.

Replaceable filters need to be replaced about once, every 6 months. Please note, this strongly depends on your environment. The filter will need to be replaced more often in a dusty home, for example. Make sure you purchase the right filters for your dehumidifier. Each model uses its own type of filter.


You can clean the casing of the dehumidifier with a wet cloth, and some mild detergent, if need be. Provide the sides of the vent, where the air sucked in, with some extra tender loving care. This is where most of the dust builds up.

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