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Descaling a Senseo

Descale your Senseo once every 3 months. This will prevent your Senseo from showing problems and malfunctions. Your Senseo appliance also lasts longer if you regularly descale it and the taste of the coffee remains good. Lime has an adverse effect on the taste of your coffee.

When do I descale my Senseo?

Does your Senseo device have a lime light? Then it lights up as soon as the appliance needs to be descaled. This happens approximately after putting 400 cups of coffee. Does your Senseo device have no indicator light? Then you descale the device once every 3 months. If you experience the following problems with your Senseo, it is also advisable to descale it.

  • The lime lamp is on.
  • The coffee is lukewarm.
  • The Senseo puts half a cup of coffee.
  • The coffee has no foam layer.

How do I descale my Senseo?

The way of descaling is different for each type of Senseo appliance. In all cases you will need a bag of Senseo descaler and a sump tray of 1.5 liters that you place under the outlet of your Senseo appliance. View the exact steps you follow for descaling your Senseo.

Descale Senseo Original

Descale Senseo Viva Café

Descale Senseo Latte Duo

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