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The differences between the Epson Expression printers

The Epson Expression is a series of inkjet all-in-one printers that are suitable for home use. There are 3 types, namely Home, Photo, and Premium. These types differ in a couple of ways, such as their application and cartridges. On this page, we'll explain the differences in more detail, so you know which type of Expression works for you.

Comparison Epson Expression Home, Photo, and Premium

Expression Home Expression Photo Expression Premium
Application Print documents Print photos Print documents and photos
Number of cartridges 4 6 5
Print speed Not fast Average Fast
Photo paper No Yes Yes
Borderless printing No Yes Yes
Scan speed Not fast Not fast Fast

Application of printing

Epson Expression Home documents

Epson Expression Home: documents

The Home models are the standard printers from the Expression series. If you don't need any extras aside from copying and printing and if you just print a ticket or report every now and then, the Home is the right series for you. Home printer are mainly suitable for the average user that wants to be able to print at home every now and then, without any extras.

Epson Expression Photo photos

Epson Expression Photo: photos

The name says it all. This is the right printer for you if you mainly print photos. The main strength of this printer is its ability to print your photos in crystal clear quality. Are you a hobbyist or a professional photographer? Then you can print beautiful photos with this. Keep in mind that these results are particularly visible when you use photo paper. With the Photo printer, you print the most beautiful photos of the moments you want to remember.

Epson Expression Premium documents photos

Epson Expression Premium: documents and photos

Don't want to choose between these 2 types? Then there's the Premium printers. These models combine the Home and Photo, so you have as versatile a printer as possible. With the Premium printers, you can print both documents and photos with the desired method and quality. This way, you don't need any other print services.

Number of cartridges

Expression Home 4 cartridges

Epson Expression Home: 4 cartridges

The Home printers have 4 cartridges. These include the standard colors black, yellow, cyan, and magenta. The advantage of separate cartridges is that you only have to replace the one that's empty. If you print a lot in black and white, then you can replace the black cartridge more frequently.

Expression Photo 6 cartridges

Epson Expression Photo: 6 cartridges

The Photo models are your best option for printing photos. That's partly because of the number of cartridges. There are 6 of them. In addition to the 4 standard colors, there's also a light cyan and light magenta. This way, the colors on the print get better contrasts.

Expression Premium 5 cartridges

Epson Expression Premium: 5 cartridges

The holder of the Premium models holds 5 cartridges. Instead of the extra light colors, the Premium printers have a photo black cartridge. When you print documents in black and white, you only use the black cartridge. But if you print photos and illustrations, the photo black cartridge adds extra shades of black.

Print speed

Expression Home less fast

Epson Expression Home: not fast

The print speed of the Home printers isn't very fast. In general, this doesn't matter too much when you're just printing some loose documents. Speed isn't important when you print a movie theater ticket, but you'll need a bit more patience if you're printing a school report.

Expression Photo average

Epson Expression Photo: average

It's no surprise that the Photo printers aren't the fastest out there. It takes longer to print a photo than to print a regular text file. And in this case, speed is less important than quality. Printing quickly usually isn't a big requirement for photographers.

Expression Premium fast

Epson Expression Premium: fast

The Premium lives up to its name when it comes to print speed. These models from the Expression series print your documents the fastest. The result is that everything looks sharp and professional. This is ideal for important documents with a lot of infographics and icons, for example.


With 3 types of printers within a series, you also get 3 different types of users. Do you print a document without a lot of illustrations every now and then? Then the Home printer is ideal for you. If you like to print beautiful photos or documents with a lot of illustrations, choose one of the Photo printers. And finally, there's the real Premium models for the premium user. This lets you print all sorts of documents and images at home.

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