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Fridge freezer combination: how much does A+++ save compared to A+?

By choosing an energy-efficient A+++ instead of an A+ fridge freezer combination, you save, on average, the CO2 emissions of 10,000 kilometers of driving and € 177 in energy costs. The purchase price is higher, but the difference is easily earned back after the average lifespan of 15 years through lower energy costs. An A+++ model is good for the environment and for you.

Good for the environment

CO2 emissions car ride

A+++ saves the CO2 emission of a 10,000km car drive.

With an energy-efficient fridge freezer combination, on average, you save the environment the CO2 emissions of a car journey of 10,000 kilometers. This is the distance, as the crow flies, from the Coolblue office in Rotterdam to Bali in Indonesia. In fact, a car in the Netherlands drives an average of 13,000 kilometers per year. With an A+++ fridge freezer combination, you save the CO2 emissions of about 1 year of not taking the car. The precise saving always depends on various factors. On average, you save 1,062 kilograms of CO2 emissions.

Number of trees needed CO2 emissions

A+ costs a year's worth of growth for 53 trees

Compared to an A+++ fridge freezer combination, an A+ fridge freezer combination provides an average extra CO2 emission of 1,062 kilograms. To remove this CO2 from the atmosphere again, 53 trees must grow for 1 year. Do you have green power at home? Good job! Then this comparison doesn't apply. Green power doesn't leave a CO2 footprint.

Saving for you

Savings A+++ fridge freezer combination

A+++ saves € 177

With an A+++ fridge freezer combination, you save an average of € 177 after the lifespan. The purchase price is higher than that of an A+ fridge freezer combination, but the annual energy costs are approximately € 25 lower. You earn back the difference in purchase price after 8 years. A fridge lasts an average of 15 years. The 7 years after you break even, you save € 177.

Savings A+ fridge freezer combination

A+ costs € 177 more

Although an A+ fridge freezer combination is more affordable to purchase, it will ultimately cost you around € 177 more. This is due to the high energy costs of € 62.87 per year on average. The energy costs are € 25 higher than the average costs of an energy-efficient model. After the 15-year lifespan of the fridge, it'll be more expensive.

Cost comparison

A+++ A+
Annual energy costs € 38 € 63
Average purchase price € 606 € 407
Total costs after 15 years (purchase price + energy costs) € 1,172 € 1,350

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