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Fridge freezer combination: how much does a C energy label save compared to F?

If you choose an energy-efficient C instead of an F fridge freezer combination, you save the CO2 emission of a 12.500-kilometer car ride and € 281 on energy costs on average. The purchase price is higher, but you easily earn back the difference thanks to its lower energy costs throughout its average lifespan of 15 years. A C model is good for the environment and good for you.

Good for the environment

CO2 emissions car ride

C saves the CO2 emissions of a 12.500km car ride

With an energy-efficient fridge freezer combination, you save the environment the CO2 emissions of a 12.500-kilometer car ride. That's the distance from the Coolblue office in Rotterdam to Bali in Indonesia in a straight line. What's more, a car drives 13.000 kilometers per year on average in The Netherlands. The CO2 emission you save with a C fridge freezer combination is the same as not driving a car for about 1 year. The exact savings always depend on different factors. On average, you save 1191 kilograms of CO2 emissions.

Number of trees needed CO2 emissions

F needs 60 trees to grow for 1 year

Compared to a C fridge freezer combination, an F fridge freezer combination accounts for an extra CO2 emission of 1191 kilograms on average. To remove this CO2 from the atmosphere, 60 trees must grow for 1 year. Do you get green energy at home? Nice job. That means this comparison doesn't apply. Green energy doesn't leave a CO2 footprint.

Savings for you

Savings C fridge freezer combination

C saves € 281

With a C fridge freezer combination, you save € 281 on average throughout its lifespan. The purchase price is higher than that of an F fridge freezer combination, but the annual energy costs are about € 32 lower. That means you've earned back the difference in the purchase prices after 7 years. A fridge lasts 15 years on average. In the 8 years after you break even, you save € 281.

Savings F fridge freezer combination

F costs € 281 more

Even though an F fridge freezer combination is cheaper to purchase, it'll cost you about € 281 more in the end. This is because of the high energy costs of € 67 per year on average. These energy costs are € 32 higher than the average energy costs of an energy-efficient model. That means you'll have paid more money at the end of its 15-year lifespan.

Cost comparison

Annual energy costs € 35 € 67
Average purchase price € 606 € 407
Total costs after 15 years (purchase price + energy costs) € 1131 € 1412

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