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Compact fridge: how much does A+++ save compared to A+?

An A+++ compact fridge may seem more expensive than an A+ model when you're looking for a new fridge. The difference is that an A+++ fridge costs less in energy costs, thanks to its low energy consumption. This saves you € 103 in energy costs. In addition, you also save CO2 emission equal to a flight to Marrakesh.

Good for the environment

emission compact model

A+++ saves the CO2 emissions equal to a 2,526km flight

With an energy-efficient compact fridge, you can save CO2 emission equal to the emission of a 2,526 kilometer flight. This equals a straight line from Schiphol to Marrakesh, Morocco. An A+++ compact fridge saves the same as a single flight to a reasonably far holiday destination. How much CO2 emission is that? 550.68 kilograms.

compact model savings environment

A+ costs a year's worth of growth for 27 trees

The emission an A+++ compact fridge saves is emitted by an A+ model. Trees absorb these CO2 emissions. To absorb the full 550.68 kilograms of CO2, 27 trees have to grow for a year. This only applies to gray electricity. Do you have green electricity? In that case, you don't have to worry. Green electricity doesn't create a CO2 footprint.

Saving for you

Cheaper A+++ compact model

A+++ saves € 103

If you buy an A+++ compact fridge, you'll save € 103.92. That may seem strange, since the average purchase price is higher than that of an A+ model. That's because you'll save € 12.99 in energy costs per year. After 7 years, you'll compensate for the higher purchase price. The fridge has an average lifespan of 15 years, so you'll save € 103.92 over the remaining 8 years.

More expensive A+ compact model

A+ costs € 103 more

An A+ compact fridge might seem to be cheaper you purchase it. The average price is almost € 100 cheaper. Yet, you end up with a more expensive product, because you'll spend more money on energy costs per year. This costs € 12.99 more per year than an energy-efficient model. If your washing machine has a lifespan of 15 years, you'll spend € 103.92 more.

Cost comparison

A+++ A+
Annual energy costs € 19 € 32
Average purchase price € 353 € 265
Total costs after 15 years (purchase price + energy costs) € 638 € 745

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