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Compact fridge: how much does a D energy label save compared to F?

When you're looking for a new fridge, a D compact fridge may seem more expensive than an F model. But with a D, you pay less on energy costs thanks to the low energy consumption. This way, you save € 77 on energy costs during the lifespan of the appliance. In addition, you save the CO2 emission of a flight to Lisbon.

Good for the environment

emission compact model

D saves the CO2 emission of a 1843km flight

With an energy-efficient compact fridge, you save an amount of CO2 emissions comparable to the emissions of a 1843-kilometer flight. To give you a better idea of this comparison, that's the distance between Schiphol and Lisbon in Portugal in a straight line. That means a D compact fridge saves as much emissions as a one-way trip to a reasonably far-away holiday destination. How many CO2 is that exactly? That would be 401.77 kilograms.

compact model savings environment

F needs 20 trees to grow for 1 year

The amount of emissions you save with a D compact fridge is emitted by the less energy-efficient F model. Trees absorb these CO2 emissions. To absorb the full 401.77 kilograms of CO2, 20 trees must grow for 1 year. This comparison only applies to gray electricity. Do you have green electricity? Then you don't have to worry, because green energy doesn't leave a CO2 footprint.

Savings for you

Cheaper D compact fridge

D saves € 77

When you buy a D compact fridge, you save € 77. This may sound strange, since the average purchase price is higher than that of an F model. But per year, you save € 11 on energy costs. After 8 years, you've earned back the difference in purchase price. The fridge lasts 15 years on average, so you'll save € 77 over the next 7 years.

More expensive F compact fridge

F costs € 77 more

An F compact fridge seems cheaper when you purchase it. That's because the average retail price is about € 100 cheaper. But it'll cost you more in the end, because you'll spend more on energy costs each year. Per year, it'll cost you € 11 more compared to an energy-efficient model. And when it's time for a new fridge after 15 years, you'll have spent € 77 more.

Cost comparison

Annual energy costs € 18 € 29
Average purchase price € 353 € 265
Total costs after 15 years (purchase price + energy costs) € 623 € 700

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