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Compact freezer: how much does A+++ save compared to A+?

When you buy an A+ compact freezer, it seems to be more affordable. But this isn't the case. With an A+++ label, you pay less energy costs per year, which means that at the end of its lifespan, the appliance is cheaper. The difference in CO2 emissions between the freezers equals the emissions of 1.5 years of not eating meat.

Good for the environment

Savings A +++ not eating meat

A+++ saves the CO2 emissions of eating meat for 1.5 years

When you buy an A+++ compact freezer instead of one with an A+ label, you save 971 kilograms of CO2 emissions. The CO2 emissions of eating meat for one year are around 700 kilograms per year. This is based on 38 kilos of meat per person. If you buy an A+++ compact freezer, you save the same amount of CO2 as not eating meat for 1.5 years.

47 trees

A+ costs 49 trees a year's worth of growth

A freezer has an average lifespan of 18 years. A non-efficient A+ compact freezer consumes approximately 1494kWh more energy than an energy-efficient model in those 18 years. During its lifetime, the freezer will emit 971 kilograms of CO2. To absorb the full 971 kilograms of CO2, 49 trees have to grow for a year. Do you use green power? If so, this comparison doesn't apply. Green power doesn't leave any CO2.

Saving for you

Savings A+++

A+++ saves € 286

Although an energy-efficient freezer is more expensive when you purchase it, you ultimately save € 286. The big difference lies in the energy costs. Thanks to the lower energy costs with the A+++ compact freezer, you will redeem the purchase price within 3 years. For the remaining 15 years, you save € 19.09 annually.

Costs A+

A+ costs € 286 more

An A+ compact freezer initially seems cheaper. After all, the purchase price is lower than that of an energy-efficient model. The energy costs are higher and over those 18 years, it's a lot more expensive. For the A+ model, you pay € 41.10 per year in energy costs, while the energy-efficient A+++ model only costs € 22.31 per year. At the end of its lifespan, the A+ compact freezer is € 286 more expensive.

Cost comparison

A+++ A+
Annual energy costs € 22 € 41
Average purchase price € 317 € 267
Total costs after 18 years (purchase price + energy costs) € 713 € 1,005

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