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Compact freezer: how much does D save compared to F?

When you buy an F compact freezer, you seem to be cheaper off. But this isn't the case. With a D, you pay less energy costs per year. As a result, it'll have cost you less at the end of its lifespan. In this article, you can read the most important differences between the energy labels.

Good for the environment

Savings D not eating meat

D saves the CO2 emissions of 1.5 years of meat eating

If you buy a D compact fridge instead of F, you save about 511 kilograms of CO2 emissions. The CO2 emissions produced by a year of meat eating are about 700 kilograms per year. This is based on 38 kilos of meat per person. If you buy a D compact freezer, you save about the same amount of CO2 as you would by 1.5 years of not eating meat.

26 trees

F needs 26 trees to grow for 1 year

A freezer has an average lifespan of 15 years. An F compact freezer uses about 913kWh of energy more than an energy-efficient model in those 15 years. During its lifespan, the freezer will emit 511 kilograms of CO2. To absorb the full 511 kilograms of CO2, 26 trees must grow for 1 year. Do you use green energy. Then this comparison doesn't apply. Green energy doesn't leave a CO2 footprint.

Savings for you

Savings D

D saves € 160

Even though an energy-efficient freezer is more expensive to purchase, you end up saving € 160. This is mainly due to the energy costs. Thanks to the lower energy costs of a D compact freezer, you earn back the higher purchase price in just 4 years. During the remaining 11 years, you save € 14 each year.

Costs F

F costs € 160 more

An F compact fridge seems cheaper at first. That's because the purchase price is lower than that of an energy-efficient model. But the energy costs are higher, so it'll cost you a lot more during those 15 years. For the F model, you pay € 42 per year in energy costs. On the other hand, the energy-efficient D model only costs € 28 per year. At the end of the lifespan, the F compact freezer will cost you € 202 more.

Cost comparison

Annual energy costs € 28 € 42
Average purchase price € 317 € 267
Total costs after 18 years (purchase price + energy costs) € 737 € 897


An F compact fridge has lower purchase costs than a D freezer. However, a D freezer uses less energy. That way, it'll cost you less throughout its entire lifespan.

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