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What is the energy consumption of a freezer?

When you buy a new freezer, of course you pay attention to the energy costs. Each freezer has an energy label that shows the energy class and energy consumption per year. In this article I explain how you calculate the energy costs of a freezer and what the difference in costs is between an A+ and A+++ freezer.

Average consumption per year

Chest freezer Upright freezer Tabletop freezer
A+++ 141 kWh 167 kWh 97 kWh
A++ 222 kWh 220 kWh 143 kWh
A+ 247 kWh 249 kWh 180kWh

Average energy costs per year

Chest freezer Upright freezer Tabletop freezer
A+++ € 32.43 € 38.54 € 22.31
A++ € 51.14 € 50.67 € 33.07
A+ € 56.85 € 57.30 € 41.40

Energy label

Energy label with number of watts

On the energy label you will find the average energy consumption per year in kilowatt hours (kWh). This label is mandatory by the European Union. The energy classes of freezers run from A+ to A+++. Do you want an energy-efficient freezer with low costs? Then choose a model with energy class A+++.

Table model

With an A+++ table model freezer you save about € 19 per month per year. After 18 years you have saved € 286- on top of the purchase price. Moreover, an A+++ model is also a lot better for the environment due to lower CO2 emissions.

Upright freezer

In the case of a freezer, you will also be cheaper with an A+++ model. With a freezer you save a total of € 148 in energy costs and a CO2 emission of 995 kilograms. This is equivalent to the 4.5-year shower.

Chest freezer

The difference of energy costs between an A +++ and an A + model freezer cabinet is quite large. With an A +++ model you save € 306 during the entire life cycle. These CO2 emissions that you save is equivalent to a car trip to Hawaii.

Calculate energy costs


To calculate the energy costs of your freezer, use the following formula:

€ 0.23 x average energy consumption in kWh per year (see energy label) = energy costs per year

The average energy price per year in the Netherlands is 0.23 cents and the energy consumption in kWh can be read on the energy label of your freezer.

In short

To calculate the energy costs of your freezer, you can read the energy consumption in kWh per year on the energy label. You enter this number in the formula: € 0.23 x kWh. You then know the energy costs per year of your freezer. The most economical energy class of a freezer is A+++, followed by A++ and then A+. A cabinet model freezer with energy class A+++ saves you 30 euros per year in energy costs compared to a cabinet model with energy class A+.

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