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How do I measure the niche dimensions of my built-in fridge freezer combination?

Are you looking for a new built-in fridge freezer combination that fits in your kitchen? It's important that you know what the dimensions are and how high your front panel is. In this article, I'll explain exactly how to measure these dimensions. That way, you'll know for sure that your new fridge has the right dimensions.

Step 1: measure the niche height

Measure niche height

Make sure your current fridge is no longer in the niche. Use a tape measure to measure from the bottom to the top of the niche. It's important that you keep the tape measure tight. Now you know how high your fridge can be.

Step 2: measure the lower door panel

Measure the lower door panel of the fridge

Measure the height of the bottom door panel, or the door that sits on the lower fridge door. You do this in the following way:

  • A. Measure the height of the lower door panel.
  • B. Next, measure the part of the door panel that sticks out from under the fridge.
  • C. Now subtract what you have measured in step B from what you measured in step A. This is the height of your lower door panel.

Step 3: measure the niche depth

Measure niche depth

The standard niche depth for a fridge is 55 centimeters. However, there are also fridges with a different niche depth, so always check this. Place the tape measure on the rear point of the niche and pull it towards you. Now you know how deep your niche is.

Step 4: measure the niche width

Measure niche width

The standard niche width for a fridge is around 56 centimeters. There are also fridges that are wider or narrower, so always check how wide your niche is. You do this by stretching the tape measure from the left to the right of the niche.

Step 5: write down the dimensions and check the installation drawing

Niche dimensions fridge

You now have an overview of all required niche sizes. You will find an installation drawing on the product page of each fridge. This shows the required dimensions for the device. View if your niche sizes fall into this range, you'll know if the fridge fits. Do you want to search for the right niche sizes right away? Check your niche height and cabinet door height in the product filter.

Step 6: check the hinge system

Hinge system fridge freezer combination

There are 2 types of hinge systems: the sliding door system and the door-on-door system. With a sliding door system, both the furniture door and the fridge have their own pair of hinges. The door isn't directly on the fridge, but uses a guide rail instead. With a door-on-door system, there's only 1 hinge. The cabinet door is directly on the fridge. If you have a sliding door system, it's possible to switch to a door-on-door system. With a door-on-door system, it's not possible to switch.

Do you have an IKEA kitchen?

Do you have an IKEA kitchen? Not all fridges fit into your niche. This depends on your current fridge and the placement of the appliance. You can read more about this in our article.

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