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Why doesn't my dishwasher dry well?

There are various reasons your dishwasher is not drying properly anymore. The appliance may not have enough rinse aid. In this article, I'll give you 4 tips with which you can easily achieve a better drying performance.

Tip 1: enough rinse aid

Rinse aid doesn't only ensure a nice shine, but it also helps the drying process. If you use all-in-1 tablets, the rinse aid won't always be released at the right moment, which leads to a bad drying performance. Manually adding a little extra rinse aid helps. To do this, fill the rinse aid reservoir, and put the dosage to a low setting.

Tip 2: open the dishwasher after a cycle

Open dishwasher

Almost all modern dishwashers dry through condensation. Because the dishes themselves are hot, moisture on the dishes evaporates. The hot, humid air condenses on the cold interior walls of the dishwasher. This process continues for a while after the cycle has ended. If you open your dishwasher right after the cycle ends, the moisture will evaporate faster. Keep in mind that the humidity that's released isn't very good for cabinet door and your countertop.

Tip 3: put mugs, cups, and dishes at an angle

Upper cutlery drawer

Mugs, cups, dishes, and other dinnerware often have hollow bottoms. If you put such dinnerware in the dishwasher with the bottom up, a little water will remain there after the cycle. You can prevent this by placing them in the dishwasher at an angle. That way, the water will simply leak out.

Tip 4: choose the right drying technique

If the tips don't work, the problem may be the drying method the dishwasher is using. Most dishwasher are equipped with a standard condenser drying technology to dry your dishes. There are also models that feature an active drying method. The dishwasher may use zeolithe granules or automatically opens the door after the cycle. This way, your dishes dry faster, better, and more energy-efficiently. This means you no longer have to dry your plastic containers with a cloth anymore.

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