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Why doesn't my dishwasher clean properly?

Your dishwasher isn't cleaning properly. The filter may be clogged, preventing water from reaching your dishes properly. It's also possible that the spray arm nozzles of your dishwasher don't have enough space. Here you can read how to get your dishes clean again in 5 steps.

Important for clean dishes

Clean dishes

This is how you ensure that your dishes are cleaned properly:

  1. Load your dishes correctly.
  2. Check whether the spray arm nozzles have enough space.
  3. Refill the salt reservoir of your dishwasher.
  4. Remove food residues from the filter.
  5. Keep the rest of your dishwasher clean.

Step 1: filling the dishwasher

Open dishwasher

Be the first to check whether your dishwasher has been filled properly. Make sure you don't put too many dishes in your dishwasher. Consult the manual to see how many place settings fit in your dishwasher. Is the appliance full? If so, don't cram or place dishes on top of each other. If you do this, the water will not reach all cups and plates. Place dirty, caked dishes in the lower basket. The water pressure is highest there.

Step 2: spray arms

Spray nozzle dishwasher

Next, check the spray arms. It is important that the arms are clean and rotate well. Test if the spray arms rotate properly when your dishwasher is full.

  • Dirty spray arms? Pierce the clogged holes with a stick. Then rinse them under the tap.
  • Is something blocking the spray arm? Tidy up your dishwasher so that the spray arm moves freely.

Step 3: salt

Topping up salt

Every dishwasher needs special dishwasher salt. Although this is in most tablets, this is not always sufficient. If this is the case, top up the salt container in your dishwasher. This can be found on the bottom and can be recognized by a large screw cap that sits on the reservoir. Consult the manual of your dishwasher to see how much salt you need. This is partly determined by the water hardness of your municipality.

Step 4: filters

Filter from a dishwasher

Does your dishwasher smell a bit different? It is possible that there is a blockage in your filter. These are often large food scraps that remain in your dishwasher. This will make your dishwasher stink and these residues will end up on your dishes during washing. Remove the filter from the bottom of the device and rinse it under the tap. Check carefully whether there is no more dirt in both the filter and the filter housing.

Step 5: cleaning


Have you been using the dishwasher for a while? If so, it is important that you properly maintain the device. If the dishwasher is not clean inside, your dishes will not be either. Run your dishwasher regularly on a hot program with a cleaning agent. This prevents grease or scale deposits.

Help, the tips above don't work!

Have you followed all the steps, but is your dishwasher still not working? If so, something is probably broken in the device. Call in a qualified technician to have your dishwasher checked. Is your dishwasher a few years old and has it had its best time? Perhaps it is time for a new model. Choose a dishwasher with mid-range of high-end washing quality for the best washing results.

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