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What's the right distance between a range hood and a cooktop?

It's useful to have a range hood above your cooktop or stove. That way, your kitchen will smell nice and fresh. But does the range hood have enough space to work properly? Whether you cook on a gas stove or an induction cooktop, you always have to account for a certain distance. This is not only safe, but also legally recommended.

Why is a minimum and maximum distance required?

Distance between range hood and gas cooktop

Gas cooktop

The minimum distance between your gas cooktop and your range hood must be 65 centimeters. The reason for this is that flames are present with a gas cooktop. If they're too close to your range hood, there's a chance that your range hood literally catches fire. And that's very dangerous, of course. When you cook on gas, the cooktop also heats your pan if it is kept slightly above it. That's useful if you're going to wok, for example. That's why the range hood can hang higher than with an electric cooktop. We recommend a maximum distance of 80 centimeters. If you hang the hood higher, there's a chance that it won't suck away all cooking fumes.

  • Minimum distance: 65 centimeters
  • Maximum distance: 80 centimeters
Distance between range hood and electric cooktop

Electric cooktop

If you cook on a ceramic or induction cooktop, you won't have to deal with flames, and the minimum distance is less. This is usually 55 centimeters, but consult the range hood's manual to make sure. This can vary per brand, type, or model. We recommend a maximum distance of 80 centimeters. Because of the lack of flames you can't wok or hold your pan high above the fire. If your range hood hangs higher, it probably won't suck away all cooking fumes.

  • Minimum distance: 55 centimeters
  • Maximum distance: 80 centimeters


Measuring the correct distance can be complicated. If you're not that skillful, you should call in a specialist to ensure that the hood is installed at the correct height. This way, you can be sure that you're cooking safely. Always consult the manual, because the distance recommended by the manufacturer differs for each type of range hood.

What else should I pay attention to?

Your range hood should always be as wide as, and preferably wider than, your cooktop to extract everything properly. Does your range hood hang at the right height, but doesn't extract optimally? This can be related to, among other things, the extraction capacity. If it's too low, it'll never extract all cooking fumes.

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