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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a downdraft range hood?

With a downdraft extraction hood you steal the show during cooking. Bora suction ensures that you only see the hood when you cook. However, a hob with built-in extraction is not yet available in many kitchens. A disadvantage of a hob with extraction is that it is difficult to build.

What is a downdraft?

A downdraft extractor hood is a hood near your hob. With a hob with extraction, the cover slides out of the worktop. Via a button on the display you control the downdraft automatically and set the height yourself. After cooking, the downdraft automatically disappears into the kitchen counter via a button. A cooker with built-in extraction takes the air out or filters the air.


A downdraft hood is difficult to build in, especially if you want to place the downdraft in your current kitchen. Because of the engine block under your kitchen top, this is millimeter work. Below you can read all the pros and cons.


  • An extractor hood in the kitchen counter takes up relatively little space and has a sleek design.
  • You only see the downdraft during cooking.
  • Because Bora extraction automatically comes up, you do not have to pull.
  • The downdraft is easy to clean.


  • It is difficult to build a downdraft extractor hood into an existing kitchen.
  • An induction cooker with extraction is more expensive than a traditional extraction hood.
  • You have less storage space due to the engine that comes under the kitchen top.
  • A hood in your hob does not suck all cooking odors away.

Unfortunately, we currently do not sell downdraft hoods. We do have other hoods that blend into your kitchen.

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