Written by Caitlin

The 3 best functions on range hoods

An extractor hood that extracts at the right strength thanks to a connection with the hob. Or a signal when you need to clean the grease filters. Extraction hoods seem to be very boring, but nothing is less true. View here the 3 best features of cooker hoods.

Edge extraction

Edge extraction range hoods

Standard cooker hoods mainly suck the middle cooking air. The vapors on the side sometimes escape. A hood with edge suction also sucks well on all edges, so that no more air escapes the suction power. In this way you prevent your house from smelling that spicy curry the next day.

Connection with cooktop


A hood that has a connection with the hob: handy! With such a hood, you no longer have to gamble on which stand you have to put. The cooker hood automatically switches on and adjusts its suction power to the settings of the hob. Do you raise your hob and get more steam? Then the extraction hood will automatically suck harder. The hob must be able to be connected to an extraction hood.

Electronic cleaning indication

Electronic cleaning indication range hoods

Never guess when to clean the grease filters. With a cleaning indicator for the grease filter you can see immediately when your grease filters are ready for cleaning. In this way you prevent the grease filters from becoming too full and your extraction hood no longer sucks. In addition, it is also important to clean your filters regularly to avoid a fire hazard.

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