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Advice on electric barbecues

Your choice has fallen on an electric barbecue. There are several variants of electric barbecues, but which one do you choose? It is important to know in advance how many people you want to grill, how an electric bbq works and which extra functions are interesting for you. Based on these characteristics, you choose the barbecue that suits you best.

1. What is an electric BBQ?

Electric barbecue

An electric barbecue works on electricity. Not only is that easy, but it's also very safe, since there's no open fire. The barbecue's heating elements heat up the grill surface. It's also easy to clean an electric BBQ after using it. The downside of electric barbecues is that they're mostly suited for small dishes. On top of that, you always need a power socket. On the other hand, there are no extra costs for charcoal or gas.

Electric BBQ models

Table models

  • You don't have to get up from the table.
  • Doesn't take up much space.
  • Be careful with kids sitting at the table.
  • Warning: grease may splatter.

Upright models

  • Better ergonomic posture for grilling.
  • Fewer dangerous situations at the table.
  • The BBQ is more stable on the ground.
  • Takes up more space than a table model.

2. How does an electric BBQ work?

Grilling on an electric BBQ

You plug the BBQ in, adjust the temperature dial, and the heating element will start to emit heat. You can set the heat with the continuously adjustable temperature dial. Since you're not using charcoal, gas, or open fire, there won't be any smoke development. That's why an electric barbecue is very suitable for balconies or boats. In some cases, this is the only kind of barbecue that residents' associations or landlords will let you use on balconies.

3. How many people do you want to grill for?


The number of people you barbecue for determines the size electric BBQ you need. Note that electric barbecues often have a small cooking surface. As such, they're mostly suited for relatively small groups. Don't forget to take into account how much meat you want to grill at the same time, as well as the size of your dishes.

4. What extra functions should your barbecue have?

Worktop or side panels

Do you need extra workspace during barbecuing? Then opt for an electric bbq with countertops or side tables. On this you easily put your pot marinade or the meat to be grilled.


Do you have an upright electric BBQ model? It's a good idea to pick an underframe with wheels so you can easily move the barbecue.

5. How do you clean an electric BBQ?

Cleaning the barbecue

It's very easy to clean an electric barbecue after use. Put it on the highest setting for 10 minutes to burn any food remains. Since there's a lot of space between the heating elements and the bowl, it's easy to wipe clean. You then empty the water tray or drip tray and let the barbecue cool down. This will take about an hour. For safety's sake, we advise that you first unplug the cord from the barbecue before putting it away.

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