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Advice on electric razors

Buying a new electric shaver isn't something you just do on a whim. Which shaver is most suitable for you, depends on several factors, such as beard growth, skin type, need, and shaving frequency. That's why I'll explain below what exactly you should keep in mind.

1. Check what kind of beard growth you have

Shaving with a Philips electric shaver

Everyone's beard is different. It'd be boring if they did. You bread growth has anything to do with genetics and predisposition. We distinguish different types of beard growth: light beard growth, medium beard growth, or heavy beard growth. Knowing what type of beard growth you have, is the first step to choosing a new electric shaver. Each series of electric shavers is suitable for a different type of beard growth.

2. Choose a shaving system

Electric shavers with a head system

Electric shavers with a head system

Electric shavers with a rotating shaving head system are equipped with 3 shaver rings. These rings contains small blades that rotate at high speed when you switch on the electric shaver. The higher the series, the more advanced the electric shaver. This also applies to the shaver rings. Shaver heads from high series contain advanced cutting systems, such as GentlePrecision or V-Track Precision. These allow you to get a smooth shave a lot faster and more comfortably.

Electric shavers with a foil system

Electric shavers with a foil system

Electric shavers with a foil system use a shaver foil. Under this foil, there are shaver blades that vibrate at high speed when you turn on the electric shaver. That's how it shaves your beard hair. The higher the series, the more shaving elements the shaver foil contains. Electric shavers from higher series, for instance, are equipped with additional middle trimmers, pulsating middle trimmers, or even middle trimmers made of titanium.

3. Three-day beard

Electric shaver with trimmer function

Do you sometimes grow out your beard a bit? In that case, consider an electric shaver with trimmer function. That way, you can keep your 3-day beard neat as well as cut of your longer beard hair to make it easier to get a smooth shave. Don't shave smooth every day? In that case, it's a good idea to consider an electric shaver with a trimmer attachment. With it, you can first shorten longer beard hair before shaving. That's less stressful for the skin.

4. Sensitive skin

Philips Series 7000 with micro-bead coating

Do you have sensitive skin? Consider that fact when planning to use an electric shaver, because it requires a different approach. For instance, it's a good idea to wet shave, but you also need to take more time in order to prevent razor burn. In addition, it can be better to get an electric shaver that has been specifically designed for sensitive skin.

5. Maintenance

Rinsing the shaver head of the Philips Series 7000

It's a good idea to rinse your electric shaver after every shave. There are other things you should do, however. In order to extend the lifespan of your electric shaver and protect your skin against razor burn and injury, you should regularly give the shaver a thorough cleaning. Can't be bothered? In that case, a cleaning station is perfect for you.

6. Accessories

Electric shaver accessories

Within a single series, the electric shavers don't differ that much from each other. Why the price difference then, you ask? That's usually because of the included accessories. For instance, some models include a travel case, while others come with a different attachment. It's important to understand the kind of accessories available and what you can use them for.

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